JTTCOMB – The LOC Method

In the beginning of my journey, I was willing the try ANYTHING for longer thicker hair. I’m not so gullible anymore. However, I remember trying out the LOC Method because it sounded great and seemed like it was not only a sure thing, but prevented dryness over a longer period of time.

I hated the LOC Method. It was messy, annoying and didn’t work out well for me. So I never revisited it.

Last night, I decided to do a twist out on my airdried hair because its harder for me to style it versus my straight hair. I hate COwashing so I figured I’d get my spray bottle of water to moisten my hair, my DB LTC because it has aloe and i am using room temperature water, and my Organix Brazilian Keratin Oil (first time trying this but this is a good sealing oil brand) for sealing. After I was done and watched Grimm on DVR with my fiancé, I questioned myself and thought “did I just do a version of the LOC Method on my hair? Nah, I didn’t do LOC”.

So today, I’m lurking in LHCF (I post too) and I see that there are women who do LCO instead of LOC. I hated LOC because of build up and matted hair and some women actually stated that LCO instead prevented build up for them. I dont care for LOC only because of build up. Nothing more.

So I simply just re-wet my hair, used some Darcy’s and added the oil, did 2strand twist and rolled up the twist with perm rods. This morning, I took my hair out and was happy it dried good, pulled it up and finished getting ready for work. I noticed my hair was not only shinier, but it felt moisturized and resilient at the same time. It had a nice bounce and for once stayed in place. I didn’t notice any buildup and for once, moisturizing and sealing my hair made it feel right and not just good enough for the day.

So here is what I used:


And this was what I was working with Oy Vey!


I cannot say I am crazy about this method, but I feel it makes sense for me, for now. I’m fine using water as a liquid on my hair because I have mostly low Po medium to thick strands. Water is also simple: its just water and warm enough to open my cuticles just a taste. The Darcy’s LTC is good a moisturizer because it won’t leave me with frizzy hair and I like it on air dried hair versus straight hair. I would never use Darcy’s Daily Leave-In or Cocoa Bean Whip only because the former is to watery and the latter is too oily/buttery. I love Organix oils because they are light sealers that are breathable and have protein that support hair health. I wanted to use the keratin one to try and because I did not use protein this last wash day.

I could see myself doing the LCO method on my air dried hair, and specifically on twist outs, because I don’t have to moisturize daily with it. This will only cause me to moisturize every other day versus LOC where it lasted 3-4 days good. LOC has its benefits, but LCO benefits me more.

Whoever thought of this method, bless your heart.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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