ORS New Formula


So I was Duane Reade just browsing and killing time when I saw this. Now I have been wanting to try the replenishing conditioner as a mid protein step, but alway hesitate because of collagen, when I saw this.

Now ORS is having kittens because they have this new packaging and new formulas. So I looked at the ingredients (because that’s what I do) and noticed that it really is a new formula. They took out lanolin from the old formula, which is an animal oil btw, and added good ole mineral oil. I freaking love it!!!! I’m laughing to the bank like I just broke my f#%^ing funny bone.

Your kidding me right. Nice clothes and a fresh hairstyle do not hide your ugly attitude, so why would new packaging not hide crappy ingredients. I should be mad because this is the typicalness that goes on with national brands and people who do not know any better will buy it because its “ORS New and Improved Formula”. It doesn’t matter how unpredictable Darcy’s Botanicals is, or how long Silk Dreams Hair Care takes to ship, I will order from them because I know Im confident that I’m not getting crap.

This saddens me. No, really. I just care too much. I’m sure its probably great, but I just cannot. I will stick with their relaxers. It’s the only thing that safe lol.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


4 thoughts on “ORS New Formula

  1. I never really used too many ORS products. Although I do like the and use the conditioner from their Curls Unleashed line. I wouldn’t trade my Shi-Naturals or Silk Dreams products in for anything in the world.

    • Candace,
      I wouldn’t trade my products either. I wasn’t really looking for anything, mostly snooping but they are doing major advertising for their new formulas and this is what they put in it smh. It just saddens me.

  2. Ouch! I thought they changed just the packaging! I mean clearly their inspiration for changing their name to ORS was because of the online hair community so why would they use mineral oil when they should know its frowned upon by said community? I personally don’t have a problem with mineral oil in my deep conditioners but moisturizers and leave ins are a whole other kettle of fish. I think they will regret adding mineral oil to this product. Thanks for the info. I hope they didn’t mess with the replenishing conditioner too.

  3. BOOOO, ORS! That is ridiculous! If they aren’t careful, they will be blacklisted like Pink Oil Moisturizer and Blue Magic! People think I am an ingredient snob, but I just like to know what the heck I am putting in my head! I like to be able to pronounce the items and not pay for a bunch of cheap, filler ingredients that do absolutely nothing for the hair.

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