Wash Day

I did not want to see this wash day. Mostly because I was tired and lazy and my hair still looked and felt soft and nice. I could have held out a few days, but I work out during the week and doing my hair after working 8 hours and pushing back a workout days is not happening. I also did not feel like rollersetting. I love roller setting, but I was just too tired for the task.

So I woke up this morning and said “Oh shute, I forgot to do my tea rinse last night”. Since starting, I’ve always done them the night before so they can cool because when I first began researching them, I read that people would cool them overnight. So this morning, I go to make a rinse and I was out of my Lipton green tea. Now I don’t mind my organic green tea, but the word ORGANIC cost $2 more so….. I grabbed my box of Lipton black tea and prayed. I never did a black tea rinse an have been scared since I hear they darken the hair and mimic a protein treatment. So I mixed 2 black tea bags with one green tea, one burdock (I love burdock), one chamomile and one horsetail. Ill talk about this later.

So I sectioned my hair in quadrants because I already knew I was air drying, I applied my mix of Tasia’s oil (coconut, olive, avocado, sweet almond, castor) for 30-45 minutes and washed each section with Curls Creamy Cleanser. This stuff does not sud, but I could feel that my hair was “clean” but not stripped.

Next, I poured the rinse on all sections and let it sit under a plastic cap for a couple minutes. My hair was not hard, actually, pretty soft. Much different from when I use green tea…. I’d have to try this again. I did have less shedding in comparison to green tea. Green tea still leaves me with a decent amount of shedding, less than normal, but the black tea left me with way less. I’m actually more impressed. Tempted to try a coffee rinse soon. But not too soon.

Then I rinse and smoothed with Curls Coconut Conditioner and detangled. This is a good detangler.

Next, I applied Silk Dream Smoothing Conditioner. My first time trying it. I liked it. The first two ingredients are water and coconut cream. I was scared because these are the same first two ingredients on her Shea What and I don’t like that stuff. This, however, has less ingredients, meadowfoam oil (which my hair likes) and green tea extract (which my hair likes too). It was creamy and soaked in well. You don’t need alot and I was able to comb it through very well. I sat under the heating cap for 30 minutes with this. It has peppermint, so lets just say my scalp felt like it was in a “minty freezer”. I would compare its feeling to the bengay I use after I work out too hard. This provided good slip and nice detangling. Even with my roots. I need to try it a few more times, but this is a really good conditioner.

I rinsed and applied my roux. I’m so used to this idk why I even use it anymore. I detangled again.

Put my hair in a Tshirt for about 30 minutes then combed out to detangle (yeah, I know) and apply Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In and Organix Macadamia oil.

I opted to not use protein this week as I did a treatment last week. This week I focused on moisture and it worked in my favor. My hair feels very soft and balanced. It won’t last long and my hair doesn’t maintain well or long with a moisture based regimen, but I will enjoy it for now.


This is my hair still damp after removing the Tshirt. Not combed, no leave ins.

I combed this section and it straightens well. I’m not pulling it, but I took the picture twice put to show that combing straightens it a bit.

This is my hair under the sunlight. My natural color is a combo of dark to brownish red. This is not combed either.

This is after combing, applying leave ins and oils and leaving it for about 15 minutes. My hair is definitely drying bigger and I’m digging this scene.


I’m really not this mean, but I’m taking pictures on a moving train and I was trying not to wake up the girl sleeping next to me. I normally can not do my scrunchie-less bun on air dried hair but I succeeded. I’m blaming it in the conditioner.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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