Random Nothing’s About Hair


In the past year and a half, I have taken the time to really LEARN my hair. Why is that so important? Because you really cannot become frustrated and give up on your hair until you really know it. #upcominpost

When I started my hair journey, I was using Beauty Without Cruelty as a leave-in and it worked great. But because it is so water based, it has been downgraded to a moisturizer. It is not that effective anymore. Even as a moisturizer, nothing is proving to work as well on my straight hair like Darcy’s Botanicals Cocoa Bean Hair Whip. I guess when it comes to butter, my hair and my tongue have the same tastes 🙂

I’ve been nominated the relaxed hair ambassador at work. Interesting.

I did a friends relaxer last weekend and it came out really nice. It made me miss my bone straight hair. Especially when a small tooth comb glided right through her hair! And then I went and did my hair and had to take a coffee break while rollersetting #sheesh But I’m gla she trusted me with the task and she was happy after.

Thanks to Candace, I’ve bought a few soaps from Bobeum Products on Etsy. I could chase Candace with a hammer, but I really love Bobeum Products customer service, I like her variety, she sent me a sample of the cocoa bar since she was out of them and I love the fact that I can now find a natural alternative to clarifying shampoos. I got a few for a friends birthday, my friend is digging her shop and my cousin is in love with her products. Even if I don’t like her products, I would still tell people to at least try her and check her out. We need more Black Women like Laquita (Bobuem Owner) in this world. Candace is off the hook. But she’s enabling the habit I’m trying to curb.

I’m 10 weeks post and I don’t have the urge to relax. It’s gonna happen [relaxing]… But I was pushing for 11 weeks and right now I feel like 12 weeks will be good but I’m debating 16 weeks. That’d be really stupid of me to stretch so long and not ease myself into it. Haven’t seen any breakage so far and my ng is maintaining well. My goal this winter is a 6 month stretch. So for now I will “Keep Calm and Effectively Stretch to Avoid Breakage”

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “Random Nothing’s About Hair

  1. I love my DB TC … I got the cocoa bean whip but I haven’t tried it yet … I also noticed she has something called a tacuma moisture butter I think i woild like to try it. Have you heard of it? Oh I am completely chicken to try relaxing anybodys’ hair, especially my own, its cool people look up to you for advice. I think you should ease into stretching, quit while you are ahead.lol. another cool post 🙂

    • I like the LTC on air dried hair, so I haven’t given up on it. Tacuma is a heavy butter, it reminds me of coconut oil, but heavier. And it’s hard like cocoa butter. Try it. I’m gonna stop my stretch at 12-13 weeks. I won’t be foolish. Thanks for the support.

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