Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray



According to the website:

The combination of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Algae and Pullan makes an excellent detangling and moisturizing leave-in for dry thirsty hair.

Algae and Pullan trap water in the hair shaft slowing the process of moisture loss from the hair shaft helping to minimize immediate shrinkage and breakage. pH Balance 4.5

The ingredients are: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Shea Oil, Jojoba Oil, Algae and Pullan Extract, Behenetrimonium, Panthenol, Soybean Oil, Nettles, Horsetail, Rosemary, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Phthalates-Free Vegetarian Fragrance, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate(natural preservative).

I bought the 2 oz bottle because I figured that would be safe. Luckily I did. I originally saw this bottle on Just Grow Already where she raved about this item for her new growth. I decided to try it (though most of the products she recommends and I try I wind up hating, but I get introduced to new lines which I love about her). When I looked at the ingredients, I was skeptical because it has Shea Oil. Now I spoke to one of my naturals, and she told me stay away from Shea, its better for naturals and even then not all of them. I figured Shea Oil would be better than the butter right? Wrong.

Here’s My Review:

This stuff did not leave my hair moisturized. It didnt leave it dry, however, I felt like it was no different in the end. My hair would get tangled after using this so I would have to be extra gentle when combing. Texlaxed hair plus New Growth equals I am already being careful, how much more so you want? By the end of the week, my hair felt dry and rough and I couldnt wait to wash. I really wanted to like this product on my roots, but it was not the move. Now on my ends, it was pretty ok. Did 2 jobs in 1. But in the morning, when I normally only seal, I would have to M&S considering that I used this product at night. When I use my Darcy’s, I only have to use that at night and seal in the morning. This product caused me to have to still do this 2x.

I noticed my dry hair does not respond well with Aloe Vera and my hair period seems to not respond well to Shea and still up in the air with Jojoba, Netter and Marshmallow. This product is just not for me. Would I recommend it? Yeah. But I would stress to read the ingredients. If they havent worked before, they probably will not work now.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.

10 thoughts on “Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray

  1. Great to read another point of view of this. As far as for spraying moisturizers or leave-ins i’m always spectical since my bad experience with s-curl last year. I prefer creamy stuffs

    • Hey Bebe,
      I had a little hope since I like scurl, but this just did not work out right. Ill stick with the creamy stuff too.

  2. Thanks for this review… i think another reason you may not like it, is because of its pH … my hair has become highly porous and as such I get great results with products of a low pH,…. I am glad I got your take on this, I do not want to rush out and buy it anymore 🙂 btw did you use it on your wet /damp hair as well?

    • Mandy,
      It was the pH. That is why I am usually skeptical to use Aloe based products in leave-in products. Sometimes I have success, sometimes I don’t. I used it on dry hair, but the problem was in my roots and texlaxed hair. My bone straight ends loved it lol. Thanks Mandy.

      • Hummmm…you guys make an interesting point about PH and aloe based products. I noticed that my hair HATES both. I need to do some research on that because I recently tried the Koils by Nature creamy aloe leave in and my hair had a freakin conniption!! It made my hair very hard to detangle and it was breaking like crazy!

      • AgeInATL,
        Yeah, me an Aloe do not get along. It’s find when in conditioner only, but iffy in shampoos and as a leave-in, it really depends in the ingredients. It’s probably why I don’t care for Darcy’s LTC on straight hair because my cuticles are already closed. On Airdried, even that is a coin toss. I’m telling you girl, you have me thinking!

      • I remember reading somewhere that products that claim to be detanglers usually have a low pH. The DB LTC is a great detangler (the bentrimonim methosulfate) maybe that is why its a coin toss.

      • Thank you Mandy!

        The LTC is great when my hair is air dried, but when its roller set, it is not that great. The daily leave in is proving to be better, but it doesn’t have much detangler as I have notice. I do look for conditioners in products, but since my hair is usually always straight, it is usually the only way I try products until I air dry.

  3. Thanks for the review! I have the Aloe My Hair Moisturizing spray and I feel the same way about it. Maybe it is the aloe/ph.

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