My Journey After 1.5 Years

So here it is 1.5 years after my last trip to the salon and I couldn’t be happier. When I was going to the salon, I swore up and down I had thin hair and it would always be thinner than others. I stopped going to the salon and had the worse (and luckily my only) setback ever and that was with moisture overload thanks to DC-ing under the steamer and never using protein. Hence my crown breakage that is finally at my neck after shredding to a mere 3-4 inches from my scalp and started my journey.

So anyway, I started my journey and my goal was to have thick hair. I did protein treatments religiously and saw my hair thickening up quick. I thought this was the solution. Then I started noticing my strands where varying in size along the strand over about 6 months time… And that is how I learned that my hair was never thin, it was just overprocessed and heat damaged. My hair got thicker going up the strand and eventually I started cutting off the thin ends. I have about ~4″ more to go, but its not as noticeable (the thinness) as before.

I have a combination of medium, thick and thin strands, in that order from most to least.

Starting with my medium strands, it is really hard to keep a good protein/moisture balance. I HAVE to deep condition weekly and these strands need light protein weekly or they stretch a lot. I also learned avocado oil is essential in my regimen. It is the only oil/butter that keeps these strands in a good balance and I don’t know why. Coconut oil keeps moisture balanced, though I like babassu better, but I only need avocado and when I don’t use it, I have to moisturize more often. Odd. These strands also respond well to cream-to-butter based moisturizers and water based leave-ins.

My thick strands are mostly in the crown, though they are in other places and tangle around each other. It is hard to keep a good moisture balance for these strands. These strands are thick and feel strong, but it doesn’t matter how often I DC, they always break with tension when pulled. Not an easily broken thing, but a “they take some arm muscle to stretch in which they just pull and break” thing. These strands basically have no stretch, so when I stretch them they break. Period. The only way these strands won’t break is with ceramide usage. Sad, but true. They only respond to ceramides. These strands could care less about protein or moisture balance because regardless to what I do, they break with much force but ceramides keep them from breaking. Ceramides, whether in a DC or leave-in, have the same effect on my hair and is the only compound that stretches these strands. These strands respond best with butters as a moisturizer and ceramide/protein/water based leave-ins.

Last are my thin strands. They are the easiest to maintain as they snap or stretch with protein and moisture use respectively. They are my only strands that stretch (or break) and respond easily to protein. I had to stop using collagen protein because it was breaking these strands too much. These strands respond best to silk and keratin, ceramides and water based leave-ins and moisturizers.

In all, my po’ head is low po’ and thanks to Adrienne, I understand even more why some products work better on airdried versus straight hair and why my hair responds great to certain ingredients over others. It was a discussion post I read once of hers that she stated why she can’t used cones and I realized “Maybe that’s why my hair chips with certain cones”.

Looking at my regimen, it is probably why my regimen is keratin, silk, ceramide and butter heavy. My regimen from last year until now is completely different.

I’m still learning and that’s probably why I keep changing products, but the more I learn, the less ill change. I have my DC’s and I’m not looking for anymore. Likewise for my leave-ins. Still working in moisturizers but I’m getting there. I’m not touching the subject of shampoos…. Maybe later.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “My Journey After 1.5 Years

  1. Wow I feel like you just described my hair to the tee; the proportion of thick to thin strands, easily over-moisturized fine strands, “non-responsive” crown, I seriously don’t know what to do with it (the crown). It’s growing better but even though its thick stranded I don’t feel that it’s stronger because of that. What ceramide containing products are you using for your crown?

    • Hi Rae,

      I currently use Biolage Hydrathermique Cera Repair. It is these small white tubes of the biolage purple line specifically for moisture. I put it on when under my DC and it works really well. Then I use Crece Pelo Leave-In with my rollerset and that works as well.

  2. I have all but given up on shampoos! I am getting desperate enough to try the Mud Washes that a lot of lo pos use..I just don’t get it! If you find a good one, please send me a message! Great post!

    • AgeInATL,
      Girl when you find one tell me. The Curls is good so far, my hair doesn’t feel stripped or squeaky, but I’m iffy about recommending it to anyone because its really different. No suds!!! Idk how many would feel about that.

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