Wash Day

Shout out to Bebe, I finally took some pics this wash day.

I didn’t really prepoo this time around. I’m finding I don’t have do this weekly, but I will still do it on a “consistent basis. I did put some homemade glycerin and water mix on my roots and moisturizer in my ends. The next day I clarified 1x (I wish Nexxus still made Aloe Rid, that stuff is so gentle sometimes I have to look at the ingredients to ensure it has sulphates) then washed with curls creamy cleanser 2x.

Then I applied Mill Creek Organics Keratin Conditioner for about 5 minutes. Felt more like 7. This conditioner is not like regular protein conditioners in that after rinsing, the hair feels really soft and not hard. Especially since Keratin is the second ingredient.

Next, I used my Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner under the steamer. I kept this on for 10 minutes while I made me a latte, then 20 minutes under the steamer, then 15 minutes to cool down. Now I applied conditioner in the shower, with combs and all, in sections I normally rollerset in.


The first picture is with the conditioner in. It is really hard to see the sections so I will explain. My hair is split in halves. The back half in then split in two. The front half is split in three for the Mohawk effect and the side rollers. This leads to the second picture. I re-wet the conditioner than tea rinsed. After I start rinsing each section and applying Roux PC and Curls Coconut Conditioner to the sections to detangle and twisting the sections back up and holding with pins. Once one side is done, I hold it in a plastic cap to rinse the other side. The cap keeps water from dripping in my face.

Once the rinsing is complete I start rollersetting in those same sections. Funny though, how this time last year, it took me 15 minutes to rollerset and now it takes me 35 minutes. Sections are better though because it is easier to part, detangle, apply leave-in and rollers.


All of that for 50 minutes under the dryer. My curls had a decent bounce and the crece pelo left me with no chipped hairs unlike the silicon mix (though it contains no silicone smh). My new growth is getting there. It’s about n inch now, but I’ve committee myself to holding off until the second week in April. Worse case, early April. The hubby and I measured my NG at 6 weeks and it was not yet an inch according to him, so now its about there. I’m 9 weeks now, so ill check at 10.


Last pic, I promise. I’m not cutting this head until July hopefully. That’s my goal. That also 2 relaxers away. Meh

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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