Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner


I have been using this product for about 2-3 months now. Not consistently, but enough. I started using this during my previous relaxer stretch and now through another relaxer stretch.

Now I like [love] this product. I first heard of it lurking in threads in LHCF. A relaxed girl said it was really good, so if a relaxed head says its good, its worth a try (only because most products are too heavy for relaxed ladies). Then I started researching it and saw that most curly/natural girls use it, as it is marketed for them, but the reviews are sometimes mixed and even then, those reviews span to HOW they used the product. It was so confusing. Not one texlax review could I find.

So I looked at the Darcy’s Botanicals website and saw that it could be used as a rinse-out, cowash or DC. Looking at the ingredients, I decided it was too heavy for a cowash and a rinse out so I’d use it as a DC. It was perfect as a DC.

Here’s my experience with this item:

-Excellent detangler
-Moisturizing when left on for at least 30 minutes
-Used under a heating cap its good, under a steamer is great
-Overnight conditioning is good too. With a good protein regimen, can be used consistently overnight if that is ones desire. I could see this causing mushy hair for some
-Never used it as a pre-poo, probably wouldn’t recommend it as one either
-Thick and really creamy. You really need only small amounts and is better when you work it in sections
-Will affect protein/moisture balance on the moisture side
-Used it after a “bad” rinse and a protein treatment, separately and corrected moisture each time
-Lasts up to 3 days without moisturizing
-Despite being so thick, not heavy feeling at all
-Pleasant smell, not to pushy or overbearing, but I could see it being strong or annoying for some
-Never used it myself as a leave-in, but my natural friend did (we did) and she wasn’t crazy about it. Actually she said “It dried my hair out. I don’t like it as a leave-in” and that it was the same on her moms hair. I dont believe in hair typing, so i will say her hair is has tight O and S curls/coils.
-Gave my first bottle (actually, my first and only bottle that I had for 3 months) to my cousin for her daughter who is 2. She said she would never use it as a leave-in but didn’t explain why, just gave me the same face as my natural friend. She used it as a DC and said it was great.
-IMO, this is too heavy and not immediate enough for a rinse-out, too heavy for a cowash but good enough for a DC.

Now I gave away my first bottle to my cousin because I did a haul with my natural friend (the one I mentioned before) and I got the 16 oz pump bottles. The 8 oz is what I gave my cousin, but what upsets me is that the 8 oz doesn’t come in a pump bottle. Perhaps that changed, you can email the owner, but last I remember, it didn’t. Now I’d recommend getting the 8 oz just to try, but halfway through the bottle you want to give up trying to get it out and turning it upside down doesn’t help because its so thick it doesn’t move until you beat the bottle like a $2 heaux. Then you will find yourself using too much because squeezing it out makes you think you don’t have enough when its too much. The 8 oz would have lasted me 6-8 washes as I was a little less than halfway through the bottle and I had used it either 3 or 4 times and I have BSL hair with mostly medium strands.

This is a really good conditioner for anyone stretching or transitioning, but its great for anyone who is looking for added moisture. It is my favorite products from Darcy’s Botanicals with the Cocoa Bean Whip being second and her Daily Leave-in being third.

This is my favorite DC in competition with Silk Dream Avocado Butter. I like both equally, so if you asked me to recommend, I’d tell you to roll a dice or flip a coin. AB has avocado which is nutritious for the hair but the pumpkin seed has more comforting ingredients. All depends on what you want and your mood.

ETA: My experience as a customer is mixed. My first order in November was shipped quickly. I ordered again a week before Christmas, but she has closed the shop without any notice on her [main and Etsy] website so I didnt find out until she emailed me after the New Year which is when I received my order. The last time I ordered, I did a haul with my friend, and she received no email update, no shipping notice, just the package in the mail 2 weeks later. Now I love Silk Dreams, and I hate Jorien’s processing time, but she sticks by that 1-2 weeks and ships promptly. Jorien also shuts her site down when needed. I love everything but Jorien’s processing time, but its worth it. Darcy’s Botanicals website states her processing in 3 days regardless of distance, but it hasnt seemed like that lately. I feel that if Lysandra updated her website like Jorien, it wouldnt create so much inconsistency. When she does, its never IMO, for anything major. I wont stop ordering from Lysandra, but will have to do her like I do Jorien and buy in bulk when needed.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


14 thoughts on “Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner

  1. Tasia, i’m eyeing this product for a while now. And reading your detailed review about it makes me even more to buy it asap. I whish it where available in my favorite german online store.
    I will order it in july i think when i need to order other stuff as well from british curlies (its the only online shop beside the db store itself which sells the conditioner.

    • Bebe,
      You are most welcome. It is a really good conditioner and I think she is one of few sellers who actually ships internationally. I wish there was a way for you to sample it before buying it, as I had doubts before buying it, but I think (hope) you will still like it anyway.

  2. This and the transitioning crème are two that I really have been wanting to try during her next sale. I was going to try it as a dc and as a leave in but now, I think I may pass on using it as a leave in. I hear mixed reviews on this conditioner, but at least 85% are good. Excellent and thorough review! Can’t wait to pick this one up.

    • Not crazy about the LTC but the pumpkin seed is very good. I could see how the PSC has mixed reviews after using it. You either like it or you don’t.

      • I hope you like it. It’s my favorite conditioner. I have used it 3 different ways and liked it each time. It does get mixed reviews but I will definitely be looking for yours.

  3. I had the exact same experience with the customer service both times I ordered from their site. No tracking info, no updates. The package just randomly showed up 2-3 weeks later even though in the confirmation email it stated my package would ship in 2-3 days. Not the best experience.
    I’m going to try the pumpkin conditioner for the first time today.

    • I’m hoping with no impending holidays for a while that it stops! Lol. I won’t stop shopping with her, but bulk is necessary. My two bottles should last me a while!

  4. I was so upset when i went to the Darcy’s botanicals website and curlmart to purchase this product because of your recommendation to see that it was out of stock at both sites. 😦 So i had to do some research and found it at one of the “Where to Buy” locations on Darcy’s website and was able to find one place that still had it in stock in the 16 oz. :). Even though i hadn’t tried it before i had to get the 16 oz because of your review i just knew it was going to be good, and indeed it was! I washed my hair today and substituted the Darcy’s pumpkin seed for the SD Vanilla Silk as my DC and it had soo much more slip which made detangling much easier, it also left my hair very soft, and i loved the scent. I then applied Darcy’s leave in & a smoothing serum and after air drying I’ll follow up with Darcy’s Lemongrass Transitioning Cream and i’ll be all set. First impression is that i like it better than SDVS (which is still a great conditioner), but i’ll have to give it a few more tries. Thanks soo much for the recommendation other wise I would never have tried it.

  5. I absolutely love this as a DC! It’s now a staple for me, along with SD VSCMD, dare I say a little more moisturizing. It has definitely proven itself during my current 20 week stretch (which I’m not sure when I’ll end it). My NG was insanely soft and manageable, relaxed ends were quite soft too.
    I hope the formula never changes & I’ll be stocking up like a mad woman on Black Friday. I can’t afford to have less than 2 bottles in my stash.

    • Likewise. I like to use it during my stretch. I want to stock up, but I get worried about handmade stuff, so now I just buy her 16 ox bottles 2 at a time and feel better about my hair life.

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