Random Nothing’s About Hair

8 weeks posts and for once, I’m happy and not in a rush to relax.

I don want to use protein this weekend because I don’t think I need it… But I’ve been seeing long strand breakage (the enemy) so maybe a little protein won’t hurt…

Since glycerin comes with a science lesson, I’m branching out to try other hair items that will prevent long strand breakage. Hope this komaza stuff lives up to everything I read about it.

I need to buy silk amino acids.

Not sure if I want to use redken as a mid protein step again. It was ok, but I think it left my hair too underprocessed. I want to try ORS… But Its the only mid protein I haven’t had breakage long term with…

Thinking of trying a natural clarifying shampoo bar…

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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