Hercules Sagemann Combs


These are the 3 combs I am currently using. Don’t really want to do a review because I haven’t been using them that long, but I can critique them.

So the Hercules Sagemann were purchased from hotcombs.net. They are all seamless, meaning they arent made in molds so your hair wont break along the seams. I purchased them as per the website advice that you purchase them in a 3-step phase in order to maximize hair straightening results. You dont really have too, but i had been eyeing them for a while and a girl on LHCF said she used all 3 with great results.

So in the steps, you should have a wide tooth comb or step 1 for detangling, a medium tooth comb or step 2 for straightening and a small tooth comb or step 3 for smoothing. Do you need all three? Probably not. But they all reduce breakage and do maximize smoothing results with indirect heat use. And it’s better than going to war with 1 comb.

So here’s what I have:
Hercules Sagemann 5660- wide tooth comb that is gentle on the scalp and hair and is great for detangling wet and dry hair. Great for natural and relaxed hair alike.
Hercules Sagemann 1975- medium tooth comb good with straightening only. Not good at smoothing or detangling texlaxed hair. I’ve used it on a natural friend and it was good when we were flat ironing her hair, and I use it as the second comb during rollerset. It straightens, but on both occasions, detangling came before and it does not leave the hair smooth. Kinks will remain.
Hercules Sagemann 6450- small tooth comb and good for smoothing. This combs gets out all the tangles, knots and when sectioning hair doesn’t feel like its ripping through the hair. It will pull out the hair (because most smoothing combs do) but you will not find little broken hairs. In order to use this comb, I do recommend the 1975 be used prior. I would never use this comb on dry hair, but then again, even as much as I love this comb I still have a general fear of small tooth combs. When using on wet styling, once hair is dry you will notice less shedding. It gets all the hairs out and really reduces tangles.

The only thing I don’t like about these combs is that they are made of rubber but it feels like cheap plastic. I hate the sound the comb makes when I use it because it does sound cheap and when I first began using them, I thought the comb was ripping through my hair. Sometimes I have to remember that they are not cheap combs.

They are kind of hard to break.

You don’t need the wide tooth one if you buy the set only because its the most expensive one in the set. Any wide tooth can detangle. However, I did notice that compared to my regular wide tooth comb, there was a remarkable decrease in breakage.

If there is one comb I’d recommend though, it would only be the wide tooth. Why? Because its a detangling comb and regardless of how you style your hair, a wide tooth comb is one that everyone uses. I didn’t have alot of breakage, maybe 30% that I’ve counted, with my old wide tooth, but with this one I have none. I shed about 20 hairs if I comb daily with 6 breaking, so in a week I saved 35 breaking strands.

Would I recommend the set? Actually I would. It is really good. They are probably the cheapest seamless combs you will find too and yield great results. Do you need the set? No. Who would I recommend the set to? Those who rollerset or flat iron. If you don’t use heat, just get the wide tooth comb.

It is alot of money for combs, but sometimes, its not just hair…

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


One thought on “Hercules Sagemann Combs

  1. Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful. You did he great job with this 🙂 I think you’ve made my purchasing easier!

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