March Goals

Since everyone is doing goals, I thought I’d give it a try. Im not really doing it because everyone else is, but because if I write it down, I will be more stringent with sticking to my goals.

1. Cut down on hair purchases. I started this 2 weeks ago and did good for a week. I binged with a few product in a matter of 5 days. That stops as of last night!

2. Drink more water at work. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee and 20 oz of SmartWater for every cup. I try not to drink too much because I have a field job and banos are hard to find, so I load up at home. I just want to drink more during the day.

3. I exercise 4 days a week, but I want up a day for yoga to incorporate it weekly and not “when I feel like it”.

4. Quit drinking alcohol for a WHILE

5. Limit meat to 1 day a week

6. Eat more fruit at home and not just at work

This Goal Is Going To Happen,

Tasia S.


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