Fresh Skin Care


So I’ve been using these products for a while. Perhaps since December. My skin is severely dry so I am super critical with face products. The reason I started on the line was because like most brands, Philosophy decided they wanted to change formulas on a Sista! Ill talk about them later but for now, Fresh.

Now I will say my feelings on this line are between like and love. Here is my breakdown:
*Soy Face Cleanser- Really good and non-drying, however, this product is best used with warm-cool to cool water. If you water is hotter, your skin with feel like its cracking when dried. Contains Parabens, so as soon as it is done, I will move on to their Rose Foam Cleanser. Not a fan of foams, but I’ve never used a bad foam on my skin, just my hair. I love this product, but will reverse when the Parabens are gone…

*Soy Face Cream- Smells like vagina (seriously, even had a friend smell, but its not a bad smell) and was drying in cold weather. In my house it was ok, but in the cold, not so bueno.

*Soy Face Serum- This is supposed to packed with age delaying stuff. All I can say is that it has shown to tighten, brighten and make my skin more receptacle to moisture. Me love!

*Soy Face Scrub- This is actually the stuff in the sample jar. I’ve had it for a few weeks now after stopping by the store on 18th and broadway. Their customer service is phenomenal. Anyway, the sales lady told me the trick is to use a little scrub and cleanser together and after washing let it sit for a few minutes then rinse. Not drying at all, very mild and I find it to be very softening. I use it once a week as per her instructions.

*Soy Face Polish- This item is delish. After cleansing, just rub a small amount on and let sit. So good and light it literally melts on the skin. Afterward rinse. It is not drying at all. The fact that it contains real strawberries and I don’t have to make my own strawberry and sawdust scrub for now makes me happy. I use this as my midweek exfoliator and its working really well.

Downside…. These products are expensive. My only justification is that not only do they work, but they last for a WHILE. You really only need small amounts of product. The cleanser is going on 3.5 months, the sample of scrub is going to last me 2 months alone, the serum will last me at least 6 months and the polish… Lets just say 8 months will be good.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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