Revamping My Regimen

I’m not really changing my regimen but changing my focus. My normal focus is protein weekly and moisture daily. I’m changing this focus so that now while ill be still using protein weekly, I will focus more on moisture weekly and daily.

As of now, I use protein weekly (mild) because of the cold weather. It is helping much, but I’m noticing drier hair as well. The thing is, while I’m still going to be using protein, i.e. silk protein, I will make sure that even that is moisture based. I have Silk Dream Mocha Silk Infusion and because of the butters she uses in the light protein treatment, this may have a better effect than using soy weekly. I prefer silk and keratin for my hair overall.

I also bought a new shampoo and conditioner. Curls coconut something and it looks promising. It is targeted for chemically treated hair and the shampoo is super creamy, and I have been searching for a while for a creamy and effective shampoo. The ingredients don’t look overwhelming. I’m not unhappy with Giovanni, but the Curls brand eliminates all protein from not only the products, but in trace amounts that can sometimes still throw off a good balance.


I stopped prepooing. That will restart again, only this time I will concentrate on using one oil at a time if I can.

Steaming is clearly a must for me. My strands are to thick and has enough texture along with low porosity that makes steaming a need and not a want.

I will continue tea rinsing. My hair dries out faster without it.

Last, I will not be using a cream and heat protectant for rollersetting. Just a heat protectant. I plan on trying Silicon Mix leave in. The ingredients are not too bad an I haven’t had any bad reaction to them.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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