JTTCOMB- What Are Split Ends?

Notice a theme here. All about how to combat the factors of what causes black hair to “not grow”. Not that it doesn’t grow, but retention is not just about how to keep length but combating what prevents us from getting length.

Split ends are a force to be reckoned with. When I use to frequent the salon, I have split ends non stop. My hair barely reached APL by the time I started my journey and even that statement is slightly stretching my true length. Also remember that relaxers are not the cause of split ends, but like any hair style, it can AID in the development of split ends (overprocessing).

Split ends are caused by various factors. They can be caused by dry hair caused by too much protein or not enough moisture, by overprocessing, by not treating the hair with proper hair care like deep conditioning, use of heavy sealers and cones, cheap hair products, over-manipulation such as combing and brushing and lack of protective styling like allowing the ends to come in constant friction with clothing causing the hair to dry out.

Now just because your ends are dry does not mean you have split ends. It could just mean you need to add more moisture. When your ends ask you “Y” then you need a cut. The best way I have learned to combat split ends is by using heavier conditioners with lighter sealers and protective styling. There are a number of ways to prevent split ends and so one persons experience may vary with another’s. Protective styling and deep conditioning are probably the overall constants that will keep the hair in tip top condition overall and prevent split.

No one wants to wear their hair up all the time. You can enjoy your hair down. I have learned that wearing the hair down though should be done a few days after a treatment (deep conditioning mostly, protein if you prefer) and no longer than that. Constantly wearing the out damages the hair, but a time to time basis, it will be fine. Just know your hair and you will know how to protect it to keep it constantly healthy.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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