JTTCOMB- What is Breakage?

What exactly is breakage? We so often read that breakage is a horrible thing and we buy products, avoid heat, protective style and build regimens to specifically target and minimize breakage. We want to reduce breakage, that’s right, but we never really take the time to analyze and learn from breakage.

In the science world (yes I’m a geek, even got 2 degrees to #snapsnap in yo face about it) we have things called indicators that signal you that something is going wrong. We have that in life too, but we are talking about hair here. So if your hair is breaking, use this as an indicator to determine what exactly is making your hair break instead of just eliminating certain processes thinking that will help.

Seamless combs are expensive. I’m not going to lie about it. These two set me back $40 and I’m still waiting for a finer tooth one in the mail for my 3-step system. Combs can attribute to about 80% of breakage. Why? Because most are made via molds that are heated, cooled and leave seams. Even with a wide tooth comb, I still had breakage. I even stopped combing often because of the breakage. Got a couple of seamless combs and let’s just say breakage over the last month is barely existent. I don’t even bother to look at my strands anymore (mostly just to pull) because there are only bulbed hairs. These combs are expensive, yes, but for every strand that breaks, that can be 1-5 years of chemical processes your body worked hard to produce on the floor or down the drain. For me, thats 2-3 years. Your hair is not meant to break to easily so even if you have to save a couple bucks a week, do it and invest in a seamless comb, even if its just one.


Certain products can cause breakage. These are products I am currently testing in my regimen. The Silk Dreams Mocha Hair Milk has coconut milk (the second ingredient) which is indeed protein. Though this product is lighter and much better than Bee Mine hair milk, IMO, it should still be used with caution. The Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In is light, water based and absorbs well with no heaviness. I would say this product should be used with a light-medium protein based regimen. The Aphogee Serum has avocado oil, is lightweight and doesn’t leave build-up. But serums have of way of causing breakage if they contain ingredients that don’t agree with your hair. For example, my hair hates heavy cones, but water based cones don’t bother my hair. What your using makes as much of a difference as how you use it.


Lets talk about a regimen. Ideally, you should wash, condition and deep condition. Deep conditioning especially redices breakage. You should also make it a concern to use quality ingredients. I really like the biolage line as they do sell really good products. I still use their cera-repair and its excellent. It can bought in BSS, and probably a local Duane Reade (well at least in NY as these stores are now the go to's for hair care). This line right here might be pricey (Im used to paying for my stuff, so these prices are nothing to me) but these products in particular not only look good, but the complete set after viewing ingredients are ideal for relaxed hair in general. I almost bought but I'm trying to stop buying stuff, so I'd definitely recommend. It has proteins, moisturizers, conditioners and ceramides that overtime will improve hair. Ceramides dramatically reduce breakage, so while products containing them cost more, they are worth it and you never need a lot of it at once.

Like I said, breakage can mean many things. Before we give up on something, eliminate something or just decide to give up in general, take a look at what you are doing that could be causing breakage. In life, we are often the cause of our own mistakes. Take responsibility and you'll be surprised as to how much you learn and conquer afterwards.

One Day, It Will happen
Tasia S.

5 thoughts on “JTTCOMB- What is Breakage?

  1. Once again, great post! What are your favorite products from the biolage line? As for the cera repair can you do a review? Argh I hate breakage with a passion, I have definitely made up my mind to invest in some seamless combs!

    • Thanks Mandy,

      I really love the cera-repair. I haven’t tried many of their products because by the time I got to them, I already had my staples, but I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. I will do a review of the cera-repair.

  2. I like the Mocha Hair Milk more than the Bee Mine as well. The BM didn’t seem to absorb as well. After doing some research and seeing your review, I was thinking that the coconut milk may be the reason my hair didn’t care too much for it unless my hair was straight. Thankfully, it has so many other butters, that it didn’t cause protein overload. I will look out for coconut milk in the future.

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