Wash Day

So I cheated this wash day and just washed with my smooth as silk, DCed with Darcy’s Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner and tried her Frank & Myrrh daily leave-in.

Now, lets mention how I thought my Silk Dreams Mocha Hair Milk didn’t arrive in the mail and after rollersetting and my fiancé forgot to tell me I received a package. I found the Darcy’s leave-in to be softening for my roller set, but too light. I’m hoping the mocha hair milk will save it as I do not want to wet it until next week. It seemed to tame the frizzies, so I’m guessing that is what I need, but my hope is to try it on a rollerset 🙂

I was telling a friend (NaturalHairDoesCare) that since I air dried and did a twist out for a week, the lack of combing caught up to me last night when I finished rollersetting. During setting, I had about 15 stramds come out. Once it was dry, all the shed hairs said hello from the sink. I wasn’t too upset because like I said, I didn’t comb for a week. The only problem is that the shedding is caught on some strands. The air drying did cause a fuller effect on my hair. I also had less breakage.



Please excuse the right (your left) eye as I just had surgery and my eye lid was still a little swollen. No crows feet lol, just some laser surgery.


This is how it always ends up anyway! #kanyeshrug

More to come.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S


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