Wash Day

My wash days are always on a weekend for the most part but this post is late.

I know my last 2 wash days, I have not pre-pooed. I have not noticed a difference negatively, but I have noticed that I hold moisture and protein better than when I do use oils for pre-poos. Could this be the end?

I also have not steamed that last 4 wash days. Big No-No.

So, I washed with my Giovannin SAS. I also didnt prepoo because of the wax I had been using for my twist out. It did not leave any build-up thankfully and SAS is a lot more cleaning than you’d believe for a sulphate free shamp.

Followed up with my tea rinse mixed with 2 green tea, 1 chamomile tea, 1 horsetail tea and 1 burdock root tea. Left it for 30 seconds and rinsed.

Followed by Giovanni SAS Xtreme.

Rinsed and applied Silk Dreams Avocado Butter and put my steamer on the payroll.

Final rinsed and used my Roux (as usual). I really only use this for my ends, as my length doesnt really need it 🙂

Air dried with a t-shirt for 20 minutes, finger detangled the clumps and when 80% dry, added leave-in, serum and finishing paste and twisted and applied perm rods. Lovely.

Twist outs are making me lazy and I can imagine what the next wash day shed fest will look like as I have not put a comb to my head for 3 days before the wash day. With the next week of twist-outs, lets just say I will pray. But I know this protective style is worth it.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


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