How To Use A Product- Leave Ins

So a fellow Hairlista got me to thinking about how we use products. She blogs about certain products work better depending on whether her hair is straight or airdried. That’s got me to thinking about how I use my products.

When I use shampoos, ill know if I hate it. When I use rinse outs, not so much, so I keep them on hand just in case I decide to cowash and go from there. I have only found one rinse out I truly like. Likewise for cowash. That’s Carols Daughter Black Vanilla and JASON 84% Aloe respectively. DC’s I try my best to give them at least 3 tries before giving up. Leave-ins are a different story….

Right now, I’m really loving Darcy’s Botanicals leave-ins. The LTC I’m on the fence with. It’s too light IMO and does not leave my hair moisturized. I used it on airdried hair and loved it but in my straight hair, its is not enough. The Cocoa Bean Hair Whip is heavy, but on airdried hair it is to heavy and on straight hair just enough. Now I have the daily leave-in and it has a watery consistency that I hope I like for rollersetting (as the other two are too creamy) but on my already airdried hair is allowing it retain much moisture. I am not sure how I will like it in my straight hair, still testing it out, but how your hair is styled makes all the difference in how it will react to a product.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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