The Pros and Cons of Internet Hair Care Companies

A few months after the start of my hair journey, I got fed up with my neutral feelings of Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie (glycerin heavy product) so I started looking for other companies for deep conditioners. I had already tried Nexxus, and was never a big fan of Aveda, so I started researching. Then I was on Hairlista and someone mentions that Almond Buttercream by Silk Dreams was helping her ends. Naturally I looked up this company and that’s how I got hooked to her DC’s. Since then, this company and now Darcy’s Botanicals are the only two companies in which I use their DC’s solely.

Here’s my dilemma; there is always a pro and con which sometimes leaves me wanting to stray from Internet companies.

Pros of an Internet-based Company:
-More than likely better ingredients
-Lower prices
-Better bargains
-Supporting the “underdog”
-Creating their name and building their integrity
-Higher rate of satisfaction with their products
-Comfort of shopping from your home

Neutral Zone:
-Customer service
-Customizations not allowed

Cons of an Internet-based Company
-No ground store or at least not one in an area near most buyers
-No way to test or sample items for free
-No one to ask with an immediate response about products
-Have to wait for shipping
-Hope that your order is correct
-Have to wait for processing since some vendors do not have a “base”
-No way of knowing how a product will react or if it will have the texture you want
-Being stuck with a product you cannot return
-Service on their terms
-Can usually only communicate by email

Now lucky me to have to only rely on DC’s from Internet companies. I remember tell my fiancé once that Silk Dreams takes forever to ship. He said “So order her products 2-3 weeks in advance so her stuff gets here when you run out or buy her stuff in bulk”. Now I hate being premature and buying stuff in bulk, so I bought 4 jars of my fave condishes. Darcy’s Botanicals has not been keeping her word on shipping via her homepage. I love both companies, but its hard to be patient sometimes when you can only communicate through email.

With ground based products, your likely to pay more for lesser quality ingredients. Products with high glycerin content do not suffice as quality to me, just watered down with glycerin. Salon brands are the worse when it comes to price and ingredients. The cost so much and are just filled with softeners, emollients and maybe one oil or butter. But that’s the truth. Choose wisely.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Internet Hair Care Companies

  1. I totally agree with your cons. I am a very impatient person, so waiting for shipping notices annoys me! Especially when I am excited to try something! Luckily, there are a lot of little natural hair shops popping up around Atlanta so I can go purchase the items and forgo shipping delays, but they don’t sell all the lines that I am interested in. I also hate the fact that you can be stuck with a product your hair doesn’t like because you cannot return them. Great post!

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