Nexxus Emergencee Product Review


When I first started my journey, I was skeptical on paying $18.99 for a small container meanwhile the Polymeric Reconstructor was $25-30 a bottle for about 5x the amount.

Clearly I bought the Polymeric.

I looked into blogs and forums and while everyone boasted of aphogee 2 step, the thought of a product making my hair rock hard scared me. So I bought the polymeric which pretty much did the same thing, but not as extreme. Eventually, I wanted something not as intense (as in time) so I finally broke and bought the Emergencee. Then I was mad I didn’t buy it sooner as my health would have improved faster with it. The polymeric is good too but it needs heat to really benefit from it. Here are some things I observed about Emergencee:

-Repairs the most damaged, breaking hair as it maintained and reduced my severe crown breakage
-Will thicken hair
-Only needs 2 minutes to work
-Slimy but a little goes a very long way
-Only contains collagen so it isn’t as intense as using most reconstructors with collagen and/or keratin with vegetable proteins (you will almost always find keratin Wth vegetable proteins)
-Strengthens and adds stretch
-Recovery from moisture overload instantly
-Does need a really good moisture DC. Like really good with NO protein
-After a few uses, you can graduate to keratin protein for maintenance with little conflict
-Suggest use for every 2 weeks but it is more that strong enough for 4-6 weeks
-Would not recommend for thin stranded gals unless there is bad breakage
-Would recommend for medium to thick stranded gals
-Would recommend for breaking, chemically treated (even dyed hair) and heat damaged hair
-Would not recommend as a mid-protein step
-Would not recommend for any kind of healthy hair
-Would not recommend with glycerin use
-Would recommend for those living in extreme to temperate climates
-Would not recommend to someone who lives in constant sun as keratin is better
-Would recommend over Nexxus Polymedic and graduate to Nexxus Keraphix

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

2 thoughts on “Nexxus Emergencee Product Review

    • Hi K,
      I only wouldn’t recommend it because your hair is fine and this is intense, but if you hair is in need of a protein treatment, definitely try it. You only keep it in for 2-3 minutes, rinse and deep condition. It doesn’t harden, just don’t leave it on for long and DC the hell out of your hair lol.

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