Protein aka Hair Food


When I first started my hair journey, I needed protein badly. It was as if my hair was just malnourished all together. It was getting water, sugar and fats, but was still falling apart due to lack of a vital resource called protein.

After my first treatment, it was like pumping life back in them strands. After the second, I noticed stronger hair. After the third, I had thicker more resilient hair. By the 4, the spacing came to 1x every 2 months until eventually I gave them up and just stuck with protein conditioners due to almost having overload. Now I have learned that my hair likes protein, keratin, specifically and keratin prevent breakage and damage. It is hard finding a protein DC with keratin broken down enough to penetrate the strand.

Now I liked aphogee 2-minute, but it has mineral oil. Now I’m sure the mineral oil is to prevent the protein from being so potent, but for me it just chips away the hair. The only upsides to aphogee is that its found in BSS, has avocado, and is a reconstructor. Reconstructors… Reconstruct so they are better though a little harder on the hair, but at some point in a journey, when your hair get healthier, you start to learn that reconstructors are not as necessary. Mineral oil is never necessary.

So I started using Millcreek Organics. As for MO, the keratin conditioner specifies that it restores inner strength and that keratin amino acids help rebuild. Keratin is the second ingredient and that is a major plus. It says nothing about reconstructing but that it does state it makes hair stronger. It also contains vitamin A and E which are also good for the skin. Being that it can be left on for up to 10 minutes for “deeper conditioning” means it really can penetrate the strand and “restores inner strength” for healthier hair.

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like the MO because I figured it is just a protein conditioner and not a reconstructor. Conditioners and reconstructors are not built equally. After using it, while I don’t find it to be as intense as a reconstructor (you know how they leave your hair severely hard and you really have to DC well) I find that after rinsing, my hair was softer causing me to think it didn’t work but I have another MO conditioner and they do leave you with softer hair despite protein content. After DC-ing and rollersetting, my hair felt super strong. I would definitely consider it a medium protein as it leaves the hair with intense stretch and nice slip and strength but not hard like a reconstructor. Good enough for me to use every 3-4 weeks and not be left with hard hair or overload.

I recommend this product if you do not want to use protein products with mineral oil, discontinue use of reconstructors or just want a good protein conditioner that will leave your hair strong and not just for the moment or overloaded. I use protein weekly (light soy protein) and I didn’t feel like the MO was to intense.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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