Wash Day

This was my week to clarify. I seriously thought about this wash day as I didn’t want to use my aphogee anymore and I am off of reconstructors and have been for almost a year now. So I decided to try a new conditioner.

1. Clarified with Nexxus Aloe Rid. This shampoo is not harsh at all like some others. Your hair will feel stripped, but not like your touching dead dried leaves that fell two weeks ago.
2. Use Millcreek Organics Keratin Conditioner as my protein treatment. This can be left know for 1-2 to 5-10 minutes. The longer a product can be left on as per manufacturers instruction, the more it can penetrate the strand. It also states on the front and back that it restores inner strength. Also added Biolage Hydrotherapie Cera Repair. Ceramide city.
3. Used a new Shea butter rinse out and roux to detangle.
4. DC-ed overnight with Silk Dreams Avocado Butter.
5. Final rinsed with Roux PC.

I’m rollersetting in sections based on how I detangle. This is really working for me. I rolled towards the crown/forehead for straighter roots. Rolling the opposite direction gives me too much root lift. Protein and clarifying just leaves me with “rough” but not dry hair but I had good slip and excellent stretch. Stretch was on the moisture side, but still strong enough to resist pulling and breaking only with too much tension.





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