Protein Treatment

With my upcoming wash day, I know I need to clarify and with that comes a medium protein treatment. When it comes to products, its all about trial and error, but eventually you get tired of error and just want the trials to end and get something that make your hair happy and works. Period.

There are very few things I ask for in a protein treatment:
-Protein no less than the 7th-9th ingredient for a product with 15-17 ingredients the most. I don’t want like 30 ingredients in a protein treatment and protein is 20. That is not a treatment; that is a rinse out. I prefer protein to be no more than the 2nd to 5th ingredient but since I don’t do hard treatments anymore, what I first stated stands strong.
-No cones. Maybe amo- or di- methicone, but nothing stronger or less water soluble.
-Glycerin needs to be one of the middle or last ingredients. Glycerin is not a New York friendly ingredient simply because of the weather. Therefore, treatments with glycerin anywhere above the 8th ingredient with more than 14 ingredients I tend to “put down”.
-Not filled with a bunch of junk. IJS….
-Something that works in more than 3 minutes. If it works in a longer amount of time, it is likely to better penetrate the hair.
-Something with quality ingredients. If its not junk, it should be quality.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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