Random Nothings About… Hair

Even though I enjoy the thickness of my underprocessed hair, think I want to go back to being straighter. Not bone straight, but straight enough that my hair lies flatter. Right now, I have that voluminous look. I dont hate, but I dont like it either.

Digging my seamless comb. I still think its cheap compared to what I was expecting, but I dont hate it as I have seen less breakage.

Need to really learn other protective styles.

Will be relaxing at 10 weeks instead of my normal 11-13 weeks. I dont think it will make a difference, but will have to really stretch my next relaxer. Doesnt matter anyway, I will still not go over 4 relaxers this year.

Will shorten my next mid protein step to 2 minutes. I think doing that and a neutralizing conditioner was the culprit.

DC-ing overnight is really benefitting me. I cannot continue to ignore my steamer though.

Started back on the vitamins again. It really shows when I dont take them as my hair sheds more.


One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.

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