Silk Dreams Conditioner: Vanilla Silk vs Avocado Butter


These are two staple conditioners of mine. I swear by them. Each has their pros which I will outline below and also my experience with each:

Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream
-Despite containing silk and milk protein, the conditioner is overall moisturizing
-Will not affect protein/moisture balance
-Has a pleasant vanilla birthday cake scent. Not off putting at all
-Reduces split ends dramatically
-Good slip and detangler
-Is good for my hair for up to 8 weeks post
-Great to use with a heating cap
-Would not recommend after a protein treatment only because it still has small amounts of protein and does not have many ingredients

Avocado Butter
-Smells like pineapple and candy but not strong
-Does not contain protein
-Will affect protein/moisture balance on the side of moisture
-Would recommend after a protein treatment
-Great slip and excellent detangler
-Great for stretching or transitioning
-Great for use with a steamer or heating cap
-Great for really dry and over proceeded hair
-Great for extreme weather

I personally prefer the AB over VSCMD simply because it is more moisturizing. The AB is much better than the VSCMD because avocado is exceptional for relaxed hair and IMO just leaves the hair more balanced and bouncy while I feel the vanilla leaves my hair sleeker and not as bouncy.

I will say the vanilla silk is an item better left for warmer temperatures and when you want to wear the hair down. I still use it in the winter, but ive only used it in cold weather, though I feel like it will be better for warmer weather. It smooths the hair really well and when you know the weather will be on the humid/damp side, this condish will not cause to hair to get frizzy, big or puffy. It will stay sleek.

The AB butter is great for after a relaxer and during long stretches. Now I will say I have no complaints about this treatment, but I have my times when I just prefer vanilla silk over AB. Mostly weather related. The only suggestion I would make is to not use this item with a moisture based regimen.

As a medium-thick stranded gal, I will say that using the vanilla silk does not give me stretch while the AB does give me a small amount of stretch. The vanilla silk does give me strength but not much. Then again, these are not protein treatments so i am looking for nourishment more from these products over anything. Both give good shine. I feel the AB is healthier for the hair and the vanilla silk is healthier for longer hair.

Overall, I’d recommend both conditioners as staples, regardless of level of damage or health. There is no way you could not like either of these products.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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