Heat Protectants

These are the primary heat protectants in my stash.

Lets starts

Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Restructurizer.
-This product is great if you have a moisture based wash day and plan to use heat. I only use indirect heat, but even with a rollerset, this spray provides phenomenal strength, body and shine.
-It works well to put protein back in the hair if protein was not used or does not want to be used. For example, if you are skittish about hard protein treatments, then this is a good spray that will put protein in the hair and by spraying two pumps per QUADRANT section, it will add more than enough protein.
-It will not be able to substitute a protein treatment (like if your hair is severely damaged), but if you are trying to reduce the usage of them (hair is healthier) or have fine to medium strands and don’t want to risk overload, this is the way to go. So if you do not use this product on a weekly basis, and you are not using protein, you will notice weaker (more moisture loaded) hair. If you are going to use this product solely as protein replacement, just stick with it.
-if you alternate with protein usage weekly, this should be the only source of protein that week. For example, I use protein every wash day, but not always the same way.
-If you use protein weekly (consistently), I would not recommend.
-if you use hard protein treatments, I would not recommend.
-if your hair is severely heat damaged, I would not recommend.
-this is a product that would provide consistent protein to reduce breakage if used alone of moderately healthy/unhealthy hair.
-Great for those that live in harsh summer climates.

Crece Pelo Leave-In
This stuff has silk, keratin, ceramides and moisturizers. This is my favorite leave-in as it is consistent and never fails.
-It is not heavy and a little goes a long way when hair is sectioned properly for usage.
-Will leave hair soft, with fragrance and a little shine.
-Despite protein in the ingredients, will not affect moisture/protein balance when used properly as a heat protectant.
-It is not a reconstructor or restructurizer, so unlike aphogee it will not replace protein that is not there. I think this products sits on top of the hair versus penetrating the strand.
-I would recommend for people using protein treatments or doing rinses.
-Does not cause build-up and keeps hair bouncy and moisturized.
-Does reduce breakage over time.
-Great for those that live in harsh winter climates.
-Enjoy a week of smooth hair.

Nubian Heritage
This is my least favorite heat protectant. I like it, but I will give as much detail as possible.
-Contains a large amount of glycerin that is not good for extreme weather climates.
-Great for humid and moderate climates, only good seasonally for temperate climates.
-Keratin is not off putting but regardless to the moisturizing properties, glycerin content trumps all.
-Found the foam to be slightly drying when doing the half and half method compared to Aphogee. Especially in cold weather.
-Can cause hair breakage in extreme climates.
-Can clog the hair shaft.
-Can affect protein/moisture balance in the side of protein, but not too much. I used this after a rinse and the breakage with bad, indicating some competition with the hair strand.
-Can be hard to detangle while rollersetting with but not absolute.
-Despite these comments, it gives great body, bounce, shine, strength and allows good hold for roller curl.
-Would recommend if protein usage is light during wash days.
-This is a very good product but you have to use it correctly. This product is dependent on climate, season and protein/moisture balance. If you live Georgia, you’d probably love it. If you live in NY in January (raises hand), you’d probably hate it.
-I’d recommend it depending on the month of the year.





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