Random Nothing’s About… Other People’s Hair

It is so great that black women, regardless of styling preference, are putting more effort into their hair. I know I am. And so are my friends. I have read Science of Black Hair, Ms. Kibibi 5 Hair Archetypes and am now reading Shamboosie (very informative). I’ve learned so much that at times it is hard to believe that everyone does not know this. And here starts the topic of discussion.

There is a girl I work with. For as long as I have seen her, her hair has been a mess and the same length. She is natural, but insist on wearing bad weaves, synthetic braids, and dyes but for the life of me, I question why is she not successful. Her hair always looks dry, a few people pointed out to me its heat damaged (I refuse to go look at it as I would either laugh or say something mean) and everytime I look at it, I think to myself how in this day when there is so much information and naturals in our workplace that are successful are you still walking around like you are still using hot combs and grease?

In Ms. Kibibis book, I learned that while I am mostly a minimalist, I am also a kitchenista. I don’t do much to my hair, but I do enough to take care of it and keep it early. Extentionist like her would really benefit from hair education books as they can help to take care of the hair underneath. There are many who are thriving with extensions. I wish her well.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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