Wash Day


Today I decided to do a color rinse to make my hair all color. Bad idea.

I also found out my favorite shampoo has sulphates. I went out and bought a bottle of Carol’s Daughter monoi though I’ve had bad luck with it in the past. Don’t know why I revisited it.

Last night I tried the hair trigger again and put my hot oil concoction on my hair.

Washed it with the monoi. Then did a tea rinse. Then used the monoi conditioner. Should have stopped here.

Put the color in and let it set with hear. Rinsed super hard. Applied my DC Silk Dreams Avocado butter and say under the steamer.

Jumped in the shower and sealed with Roux. Actually, had to pull out my a Ojon Dry Recovery then apply my roux. Towel dried.

My hair was supper rough and role during roller set. I sprayed the aphogee green tea and keratin. I had a slot f body but had breakage due to dryness, not even protein. My hair just feels dry. I don’t like this and I don’t new setbacks this far along.

I will be applying some Darcy’s Botanicals sweet cocoa bean, will probably pin curl in 4-5 sections and then do a GHE to get some moisture back in this head. If that does not work, COwashing and DC-ing all week it will be. As of right now, tea rinses (not spritzed) are on halt and no more rinses till further notice. I am also investing in Giovanni products as they are the only shampoo and conditioner set that is sulphate free and I have had the least amount of breakage, dryness and adverse reactions with.

The color does look good and my shine is phenomenal. I have faith it will get better by tomorrow.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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