As I approach this wash day, I question what I used to do compared to now that made my hair “flowier” compared to its current “kinda weighed down” feeling.

Ok, I don’t think it’s weighted down, but it is more heavier. When I used to go to the salon, they always used sulfates. Now I don’t care for sulphates because they are very drying, however, before my journey I also did not do as much to my hair as I do now. I used to do hot oils and DC, but that was about it. Do now it makes me wonder if not using sulphates is making my hair weighed down over a 4 week period.

My hair is on the Low Po side, so while I can avoid moisturizing for a few days, that stops after the third say and I can only moisturize with natural cremes. That then adds stretch. That’s why I don’t worry about protein usage on wash day. I am also cursed with combination strands (few fine, most medium to thick) so this makes weighing down harder to avoid.

I just might test this theory out. Hopefully, one time will not hurt.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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