Lets Face Facts! Hairloss

So I have been reading Shamboosie (hope I spelled that right) and while I am being refreshed on so many things I already know, I want to talk about hair loss.

So often we here that women give a reason for ceasing to relax because of hair loss due to relaxers. That when you relax, by 40 you will start to lose hair. At this point I drop my head and just exit the conversation. Think about this: Often times people get mad, annoyed or are just perplexed by the actions of others often because we do not understand why people are motivated to do what they do. At some point, we have to ditch the topical solution and get to the depth of the problem. While relaxing MAY cause scalp irritation (not burns), it is not really the root of hair loss. Once women, regardless of nationality, reach a certain again, usually around 40, chemistry kicks in and hormones get out of whack. It’s called life and during that time, whether you use chemicals or not, you will experience hair loss. Anytime there is a change in hormonal level, you will almost always experience hair problems. As a science major in college I learned this, even wrote a research paper on this and it doesn’t matter how many hair websites you read that say styling will reduce hair loss, the truth is that it will happen one way or another, regardless of race.

When we are children, we look back and see these pictures of us with super fro’s and hair that is so thick, long and “WOW” that we cannot understand what happened when we turned 11-12-13. Puberty happened -> Hormones happened. Children grow at rapid rates, which is the most we will grow in a lifetime. Hence wowerific hair. At puberty, other hormones kick in and this changes. By adulthood, you are at a point where you’ve peaked. Not in a bad way, but this is your reality. Hormones have to do with all of this. As a child, I had super thick and long hair. As a teenager, I had thick natural hair, then even after I relaxed, I had fast growing hair. Now as an adult, I am looking at 5″-7″ a year and this is compared to me being a teenager and growing hair from my SL -> BSL in a matter of a few months.

The truth is estrogen makes you crazy and testosterone makes you horny and makes hair grow thicker and faster. Don’t believe me? Google it! If you really think about, it really does make sense.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.

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