Wash day


So this wash day was the heated debate on whether to Aphogee or Nubian for my leave-in heat protectant.

Clearly I chose Nubian as I have used Aphogee before.

This wash day I wanted to focus more on moisture but I clearly have too many strengthening product in my regimen for that.

The night before I decided to use my hair trigger. Lucky for me my fiancé is a baker, so we had to get supplies and I would up picking up a Wilton dispenser bottle which greatly mimics an applicator bottle. I used that to fill with hair trigger as the bottle it comes in does not make it easy to apply. I put that in my scalp and covered the length (my bun) with the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu. I was skeptical as I didn’t know how they would mix. Then I topped all of that with castor oil. My pillow smells nice, but my old t-shirts that went in the basura are not thanking me. I was a little worried because this oil mix would be vitamins and ceramides on top of hair unlike my usual penetrating oils, but its nice to try something new.

In the morning I washed with my Giovanni Smooth as Silk. My hair really did feel like silk. Never felt like this when I used just the penetrating oils. Followed this with my tea rinse of chamomile, horsetail and 2 green tea bags. I like this combo alot. It just makes me feel like its all worth it.

I smoothed with the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner (yeah, it’s upside down :/ ) and it felt ok. I’m not crazy about this conditioner but it hasn’t given me adverse reactions, and has not done me wrong so #kanyeshrugs. Followed up with my Silk Dream Vanilla Silk conditioner. I tried my best to use less this time and it worked. Spent about 35 minutes under the heating cap and then spent 10-15 minutes cooling down my hair.

Jumped in the shower and wet the conditioner just a taste a added Roux PC on top of it. I just want to trap all that goodness inside.

Now, this is not my first time using the sweet cocoa bean on rollerset, not the Aveda, but it was my first time with the Nubian Heritage Black Seed and Honey Foam. It did leave my hair with a weird feeling, but I wasn’t left with a residue or film. I have a thing with foams, mostly because I always feel like they coat my hair or leave it quite stiff. This foam didn’t do that, actually left my hair with bounce, body and curl. I will be trying it again.

Did my normal doobie and wrapped with a satin scarf. Then did my cousins relaxer. My bangs are officially down to my mouth, compared to my eyelids a few months ago. Progress!!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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