Random Nothing’s About Hair

So I’m doing a no cutting challenge. Now lucky me, I cut a couple inches off in December and haven’t looked back, but came out ahead with healthy ends on my last relaxer. So it got me to thinking about a few things.

1) What really causes split ends? There are some many factors that control this that it is hard to pin point just one. Depending on the person it could be factors such as dryness from friction or drying products, over manipulation such as styling and playing in hair, styling products such as water insoluble cones that cause products to not penetrate versus soluble ones, infrequent trims and not enough use of protective styling.

2) Some people attribute product usage such as deep conditioners as helpers but its more about what you do between those wash days then what you are doing on wash days. You can DC 8x a week, but a wool coat and cotton top will not save those ends.

3) When it comes to buying products, there is no secret that more women are jumping on the natural products bandwagon. Why not? Natural products are items the commercial industry try to mimic with poor success as they do not do the trick. More natural products have popped up so more companies have to step their game up, but that doesn’t make them better. Organic doesnt mean better either. Natural products have attributed to my having more moisture retention and less damage and splits but I protective style 100% and touch my hair 2x a day (3 if I need to fix my bun because I only use pins) at most. I have also learned that natural deep conditioner products go better with hard proteins (you’ll thank me later).

4) I could go on, but my last reason for thinking natural products are better is because: let’s use a McDonald meal and a meal consisting of rice, salmon and avocado. Which one would have a better source of nutrients and would you be better able to sustain better energy, health and feel better after eating. Most of all, which meal is better for the body and will you fuller faster? So when you buy hair products, you should think about that too. Which product will be healthier for your hair in the long run. Even when I used carols daughter, I love her DC and never needed to moisturize with it, but my only reason for not using it as much is because of price ($20 a jar compared to 2 for $15 of Silk Dream). When I used Pantene, well I’d rather not speak of those uneducated dark times.

So when you look at indie sites and decide whether you should dish out $10-$22 on conditioner because it “natural” , really think about why you are getting. I personally will dish out more money for a spinach salad during lunch than McDonalds any day. I do anyway as I don’t eat fast food. Thank me later.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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