Roux Porosity Control

So I’ve been using this stuff for about a month (maybe more now). Originally I was rinsing my hair with cold water, and that was fine, but then my hair would always look frazzled. Id constantly check my ends for splits and it would never be the case, but could not understand why my length and ends would look so raggedy and really weren’t.

Then one day, I came across something totally out the blue and figured maybe I need to check my porosity. I do not think my hair had porosity issues, but I do think there was an issue here that needed correcting. So I shopped around and jumped from BSS to BSS and finally came across it. Funny though the product I needed I remember my mother using that product line years ago for my great aunts hair when it was turning grey. I thought to myself “Really? This is what my life has come to?” Anyway I bought the bottle and after the first use it became a staple.

This product, IMO, is not only about porosity, but regardless to how pH balanced a product claims to be, there is no guarantee that it will close the cuticles. I have been learning that even keeping this product on for 3-5 minutes will not hurt but produce better styling results. There are many ways to use it, but very few methods will work for you. Depending on my DC I will either rinse completely or wet the hair a bit and cover it completely with Roux. Since adding this to my regimen, I have noticed better shine, less moisture loss and better behaved hair. This is not a product that would promote PJ-ism, as it will only help in your journey. I cannot see myself without this product.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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