Journey To The Center Of My Back- Volume 2

So my bun is growing. I know I need to take more pictures of my length, but I couldnt be bothered half the time. Not that I do not want to, but just because my health needs to be improved. Maybe it is just all in my head (most likely) I will probably be bothered when I finally flat iron, but rollersets give me no motivation. I also never have that much shine/sheen on my pelo, so something must be getting better.
I admit that I am a bit of a PJ, but I have begun to calm that itch and am sticking with staples. Now while I do not enable or suport PJ-ism, I will say those on a journey should experience it at least once. 
In the beginning I was not a PJ, but as I tried to figure out what is right and find “better” products, I found myself becoming a PJ. This led me to understanding that regardless to what my hair needs, I stuck with what my hair likes. For example, when it comes to protein, my hair hate wheat protein, so I hate it. My hair likes collagen in small amounts and over large periods of time, likes keratin like all the time (but I dont OD) and likes silk protein as long as there is some keratin in the mix. Soy protein is another love, but in leave-ins, not wash stuff. Its all about learning this. Avocado is another fave (hence why I have a growing love for SD Avocado Butter). Shea butter is great for hair, but better for texlaxed or natural hair and can be too much for bone straight hair. 
This past year and two months (11/11 I started my Journey) has been nothing but learning, losing hope, regaining hope, more learning, getting it together and finally being happy. I am at that point now where I know it will happen. My regimen is not about keeping it simple, because I tried that and it didnt work, but about doing what works best for me. Hair always grows, but we have to keep it there. Looking forward to my short-term goal of MBL in July.
One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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