BBD Stretch Cream

Ok, so I am skeptical of products in which you don’t know the ingredients. I do have the right to know what I am purchasing. I know some people fear that their products will be stolen and bigger names will steal and reformulate, but I also feel once you have trust and a great following, you can only keep faith and good customer service. Ha!

So I first heard of BBD Stretch Cream on Hairlista due to someone claiming that it preventing breakage and they were seeing improved health. A few other people said they used to use it long ago, but just didn’t return to it due to not knowing the ingredients, trying other products, or because the price was too high. The price is pretty steep, so I’m hoping this jar lasts me a year because I cannot see myself paying $40-50 for a jar of this stuff. I paid $14 for a 2 ounce (I believe) size jar of this cream.

Anyway, so I saw one of their videos on YouTube in which one lady with a black shirt and dry hair put it in her hair and I believe they flat ironed her hair. Her hair was dramatically improved. So I have this dry spot in the right side of my hair due to falling asleep with wet hair in a cotton scarf years ago. So I’ve been putting it there just it see if it works. It actually does. I put it just on that section during rollersetting. It’s not revived, but it does not look as dry or thin or unhealthy. I am not sure if I would use this on my whole head as I am truly worried since I do not know the ingredients and would hate a setback, but I see myself buying the small jar just for dry spots until they improve.

I can definitely see this product as a miracle worker for those with troubled hair or trouble spots to avoid constant cutting when its not working. It is a good product when you have given up hope and are on your last options. It is good even if you just want something moisturizing and want to be sure it will deliver.

I do not feel negative about this item as my right side has not broken, not been dry, been fuller and have no “Y” ends since using it. I would recommend it to someone who has heat damaged hair, dry hair, damaged hair or someone who subject their hair to direct heat frequently and even relaxed hair. It does work well with heat. I really like it, but I fear using it with other products because I do not know ingredients.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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