Wash Day

So this is my first day after relaxing. I was lazy (air drying is the bomb) but had to rollerset for my birthday.

Not shown is my prepoo. I did a scalp test with hairdrenalin hair trigger (?) just to try. Gave me the itchies but will try it again in a week. The rest if my head was treated with my normal prepoo concoction, but after putting my hair in the bun, I actually put castor oil on it on top of my oil mixture. Castor oil always gave thicker looking hair, so ill stick it it. Might have to stock up though.

Next I washed with my one lather. I know that could hard to believe, but that’s all I need. When your hair is naturally dry, this is really a life saver.

Poured my tea rinse. This week decided to try green tea (really great with shedding and not hardening) and mixed in my handy dandy horsetail and chamomile for its conditioning qualities. Chamomile is better as a final rinse, but I would never final rinse my hair with tea. Can’t comment on the conditioning qualities yet but I do like this mixture as my hair did not feel as clumpy and when I smoothed with my MO conditioner, it didn’t need 1-2 minutes as usual. 30 seconds sufficed.

DC-ed with Darcy’s Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner. I really like this stuff. This is my second time using it and it makes detangling soooo effortless. I’m putting in the same spot with my Silk Dreams avocado butter. Avocado butter provides much better slip and shine and is more beneficial for relaxed hair. Darcy’s, though, makes detangling my texlaxed har easier but both make my hair overall more moisturized. Im also using this under the steamer. I’m just really impressed.

Wet my hair a little with water while leaving conditioner in and applied Roux PC to close these cuticles. Major differences appreciated since using it.

Used in order Giovanni Vitapro, Darcy’s Botanicals sweet cocoa cream and crece pelo heat protectant. Hmmmm. This mixture was a tad much. I figure by providing vitamins and protein, then moisture, then ceramides, this would be ideal. I was right though, however, I feel that the next time I will use the transitioning Creme instead and use less vitamoist. It still did come out good, very healthy looking and thicker.

My bun is living proof that its “growing”. I’m so delighted. After a whole year and 3 months, my hair is getting back on track. My staples I have been sticking to are working great for me so I will stop being so much of a PJ, but I am stick in search for the perfect heat protectant.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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