Relaxer Day

Relaxer day soon come. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ended an 11 week stretch. My main problem lately has been shedding (the enemy) and not breakage. Being that I have controlled the shedding, but still have a ways to go to get it to where it was before, I just have to live with it. It has definitely gotten better, but can be improved. It’s mostly hormonal so I give it a few months.

Normally I relax with Mizani Butter Blends lye relaxer, but because it leaves textures and I already had shedding, Mizani would just add to the shedding. It’s a really good relaxer, but after carefully thinking about this relaxer (always looking to improve) I decided, with the help of my cousin, to try ORS Lye relaxer normal strength.

First, I prepped. I decided to pre-section my haIr prior to relaxing to reduce processing time. I put some silk amino acids in a spray bottle and sprayed each section with it. Next, I put some Roux in my do. Then I mixed my Carols Daughtee Black Vanilla Conditioner and GVP The Detangler and twisted then secured with a 2-tooth metal roller pin. I also use Hillywood Beauty Castor oil (not shown) to base my scalp. I liked this whole procedure, especially the castor oil. I hate castor oil on my scalp btw.

Next I applied the relaxer to all section. Took 7 minutes each side, then smoothed each section once, then once again, but not in sections. More so just to check that each section was good. Total process was 25 minutes. My hair was bone straight. I don’t like bone straight hair, but I thought this out #repeat.

Next, I rinsed the relaxer. ORS definitely relaxes and rinses faster and by the time I rinsed, I felt the tingle begin, but it did not burn. I used the Redken shown as a mid protein step. I literally watched my hair revert before my eyes. Thats why i relaxed bone straight. Left for 5 minutes, then rinsed. Then I used my neutralizing conditioner. I was on the fence about this because neutralizing conditioner contains protein and has slightly reverted my hair before. Next time, I will definitely try shampooing again. Anyway, I still love this stuff as it neutralizes the hair completely and leaves is much stronger. After, I used Silk Elements neutralizing shampoo to rinse off any remaining residues.

I did a green tea rinse, then followed with my Millcreek Organics conditioner and DC-Ed with Silk Dream Avocado butter under heat for about 30 minutes. After, I t-shirt dried for 30 minutes applied my Darcy’s Lemongrass, Aveda Light Elements and some heat protectant to blow dry lightly some of the water from my hair before bed. Wrapped.

Most of my bone straight hair reverted. Happy. My hair is also shinier, thicker but most of all tamer. I went from the top of my bra strap to below my bra strap. BSL. I trimmed about a 6 weeks ago, dusted last week, so the scissors will be going down for a while. Don’t really need them anyway.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S


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