Random Nothing About… Hair

I want to take this time to reflect things I’ve tried that I either stopped doing or didn’t find a need to continue doing since starting my hair journey until now.

Baggying. With the exception of NG, I hate wet hair. It’s cool, but I don’t care for it.

Sulphur mix. Too damn Drying. And plus, I’m not going to say it didn’t work, but I will say I had higher expectations.

MN mix. It’s great at first. If you have dry scalp like me, you might Actually like it. But it comes with a sudden burst of shedding that makes it defeat the purpose.

M&S daily. I do this a few times a week, but daily is excessive once you have a good regimen and smooth cuticles.

GHE. I Gave that up quick!

Going to the salon for a relaxer. I do a better job myself.

Using Bobby pins. Have had way less breakage.

Not using sulphate shampoos. I used to hate them for a while. Now, I’m not so against them. It’s all about what your hair can handle. My hair is too dry for harsher shampoos and even for some sulphate free shampoos. It is really hard for me to find a clarifier I like. There are people with fine strands who can use sulphates, but I have medium to thick strands that dry out quick. I like em, but my need for them is minimal.

Staying away from cones. Some of them are water soluble and don’t collect on hair or dry it out. Takes sterols for examples. Humans have em and plants have em. But one is better than the other and its use is not as long term as the other. Same thing with cones.

MSM and Biotin. Vitamin D and Iron are what you really need.

Henna. I love it’s effects, but protein is much more valuable to me.

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