Relaxed Hair Care and Natural Regimen

Can you have relaxed hair and still have a natural hair care regimen as is natural products? Yes, you can.

Most people do not understand this and that is ok. There is this “stigma” of sorts that only naturals can use natural products. The truth is you can use whatever works for you. However, with more companies promoting more naturals products with natural ingredients, whether major or online only, perhaps its time to give the smaller companies with better reps a try. Now I’m not promoting ANYTHING, but what I am saying is that since I have been using natural products, I have noticed a difference in the health of my hair. Major difference. Some products will react different with relaxed or natural hair, but hair care is all about trial and error; if you don’t like something there is no guarantee you won’t like something else or even like it later.

What to look for in natural products?
You want ingredients that contain mostly conditioners (conditions hair), proteins (if desired), pH chemicals, and preservatives (hold the fungus and mold please!). This should be along with whatever natural products involved. When I buy conditioner, I look to see if there is benehentrimonium something, cetyl or stearyl alcohol as these are fatty acids and conditioners that pull water and oil together. I don’t buy DC’s without this as these add slip (a little) and softness. They are not harmful alcohols like isopropyl. Preservatives vary, but They are needed last is a pH stabilizer like lactic acid. What’s the point of DC-ing when your cuticles will remain raised and let all the god stuff out. For the most part though, you want your natural products i.e. Shea butter, avocado, jojoba, olive and whatever is being promoted to either be at the top, not masked by 50 million conditioners and fillers and not somehow “processed”. Shea butter is usually yellow and sometimes white, so if a Shea product is green, question it. Also, you want to buy natural products with either as minimal amount of ingredients possible, and if there are many, depending in the amount about 7 ingredients should be the items I previously mentioned.

How do you know a natural product?
Well first, you will more than likely by find it in your local drug store (with the exception of Shea moisture and Nubian Heritage). Just because it says “all natural” or “botanical” does that mean anything. Natural and Whole Food stores more than likely carry products that are natural and without much processing. Ever go to a natural store and realize they don’t sell nexxus. That’s not a coincidence. Natural products usually buy their stuff from natural sources, have minimal “junk” and use butters and oils for many purposes. Organic products are not always the best as in you may hate them but they are more natural. Vegan products pretty much means no animal products, honey or harsh preservatives or animal based proteins (milk or collagen).

As you move along in a journey, something that didn’t work in the beginning may work later. In the beginning of mine, I hated Shea butter in my hair. Now that my hair is no longer bone straight and grew out some, Shea butter is not that bad on my hair.

When it comes to leave-ins, with the exception of heat protectants, I prefer water based products with preservatives as the only added ingredient besides main ingredients and preferably Vegan.

Shampoos vary, but with the exception of clarifiers, I prefer them as natural and possibly organic as possible.

For me, natural hair care means walking away from processed products and chemicals and moving to products with more intense conditioning. I find these products last me for a while too.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S


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