Random Nothings About… Health

So often we focus on all things long hair, that we forget about the science of hair.

Hair always grows. Hair cells are the fastest multiplying cells in the body. Hair cells are made of over 90% protein. Hair is also the garbage dump of the body.

What many people do not get about hair is your hair can only grow based on health. So many women in this quest for super long luxurious hair forget that in order for hair to grow at its best, the body needs to be fed its best. Hair is the garbage dump because in the end, the hair cells get the tail end of everything, kind of like the step child of the body, so whatever the body does not need, the hair gets. Your taking all those vitamins with uber huge amounts of biotin for what? So that your body can use what it needs, it gives some to the hair, and then the rest is excreted in waste. Read a book on Napolean when he was exiled, you’ll learn exactly how important and unimportant hair is.

In other news, one should not be healthy just for long hair, but for life. If you want to be healthy, know the entire line-up of the McDonalds menu will not get you there. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Meat is a 1x a day thing for me, and thats on a good day as a majority of my protein intake is through beans, some animal products (like milk, cheese and eggs) and seafood. Now, I am not a Vegan, and have nothing against them as they have the best lifestyle, ethics, humanity, etc. But it is a disciplined lifestyle that I am not committed to living and I can admit that. I will also never give up baked goods, so Vegan is really out of the question. Butter was like the best thing before sliced bread!!!! So what am I? A pescitarian at best. For the most part, I make meat not a choice but an option out of necessity, I make fried foods, a very limited option, I make salt a limited option, I make fatty (unhealthy fats) not an option, I make refined sugars not an option with sugar being a choice.

I get a good serving of fruits and veggies, whether from juices, or by consuming them. My veggies are always cooked to a brighter hue, not darker ones, because once broccoli turns forest green, what nutritional value it had left is completely gone, rather than stopping the cooking process at bright green, where its nutritional value is great. Bananas and avocados are great to my body. My breads are mostly whole grain, pasta if I can and rice when I prefer (Jasmine and Basmati…. bellissimo). Milk, I drink 2% and half-and-half, ice cream is only limited to Haagen-daz and Ben & Jerrys (the rest are junk, trust me) and any pastries I eat are either homemade or come from reputable bakeries that use quality ingredients and not the same dough for everything.

I exercise 4 days a week faithfully, whether it be Nike Training Club, the gym, Yoga with Stephanie Snyder or Jillian Michaels (Blast Fat, Trouble Zones and 3-2-1). Water, Coconut Water, Sorrel and Homemade Iced Teas are my best friends.

Now do not get me wrong, I indulge, but I care about my overall health, as everyone should. Im not saying give up your Entemanns, Little Debbies and Dollar Menu, but they need to be reduced. Once the overall health of your body is optimal, you can worry about your hair afterwards, but honestly, I get around .5″ and maybe a little more a month, because my body doesnt have to work overtime to feed my hair. It just gets the nutrition. I used to bitch about my hair growing to fast, now I do not even complain.

Take Care Of Your Body, So It Will Take Care Of You
Tasia S.


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