So the thing about prepoos is that they vary in style. It’s always done in dry hair, but people have so many different ways of doing it. I like using conditioners, but that’s mostly good if Im going heavy on proteins or when the weather is super harsh. I prefer oils because my hair breaks less than when I use conditioners. Sounds weird, but conditioners add moisture as well as stretch (I hate too much stretch) and while I like the moisture, I can’t manipulate my hair too much during the week when using conditioner versus oil. Ha!

My oils consist of 2 shot glasses (or ounces but doesn’t shot glass sound so much better!) of EV coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, EV olive oil and cold pressed castor oil (don’t care for JBCO, not a necessity for me) and maybe an essential oil. Since I sleep with this in I prefer no essential oils because they will linger in my pillow.

So this is how I get all the oil in my head as easily (still messy though) as possible. The purpose of prepoo for me is to get the oils on the strands more than on the scalp and roots. It’s hard to do that if the hair is all out, so I put my hair in a bun and apply the oil directly to my bun and saturate the hell outta that sucka!!! Then I apply to the rest of my hair really quickly, get some on the scalp and put a plastic caps (you can get like 100 for pennies on amazon). Then I put on a satin hat to keep everything in place, use a Tshirt to wrap around my edges and nape to catch oil and place an old Tshirt on my pillow.

I wake to dry oily hair, but I also its not heavy because I only have to wash once with a good lather. And I don’t use sulphates.


One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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