Why I Opt To Self-Relax

Hey, not everyone is giving up relaxers.

So why do I opt to self relax over going to the salon?

Well first, when I used to go to the salon, my hair would never get washed until it “burn, mami burn?” That’s how you get scalp burns. Every time I went to the salon, it was like I had to lie after the relaxer was put on the first half of my hair before the half and say it was burning when it really wasn’t. I would complain when they got to the second half that it was burning a lot but always tell them that I could wait until they smoothed the front part. That way they wouldn’t take their time and I’d still get good results. But I wouldn’t have a lot of processing.

Next issue- neutralizing. I swear some salons don’t do this. Maybe I’m wrong. But I just don’t think they do.

Next issue- You shouldn’t have to tell someone to protect your ends. They should no this. Your hair is sitting in relaxer water. That’s not cool. Hence why I always had short hair and thin ends.

Next issue- over processing. Especially when they want to apply relaxer to the whole head or even better, they want to apply it to like 4 inches of your hair instead of just the NG.

Next issue- no kind of mid protein step. Not even a protein treatment. Maybe other salons, but not the ones I went too.

Next issue- dumb people work there. Really. They do. Or else they’d know what they are doing. I’m just saying.

That’s all for now.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S


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