Multitasking: Shedding and Hair Health

Okay, so we know shedding is a natural part of life. Our skin sheds, our stomach lining sheds, everything with a pulse sheds. We know that. But why do we get mad when our hair shed. Because we are narcissistic, duh!!!!

Shedding is normal, so when I see it, I just think whatever with a #kanyeshrug. I get most shedding on my wash days, especially if I dont comb twice the day before and just prepoo, mostly because why I still do comb (gasp!), I dont comb alot. I started tea rinsing because it just seemed so cool (yeah, I know) but not really for shedding. I mean, tea has so many great qualities for us internally, why wouldnt it be good for hair?

So I had started doing tea rinses maybe about a month ago and havent looked back since. My hair got increased thickness and my breakage has been minimal with it. My hair has always been strong, but one thing it is that irks me is resistant. Resistent hair is like a gift and a curse because it takes longer for my hair to accept and process anything, but what it doesnt like, it will throw a tantrum and just break. Resistant hair is very hard to deal with, so when it speaks, I listen and I dont ask questions. The first time I used the tea rinse, I felt like it was ok, but after the second time (because I used 2 teas instead of 4) I fell in love. I cant say my shedding decreased, but I can say my hair health has had a very inverse relationship to it. Thickness, retains moisture and my hair is much more receptive to my DC’s.

So around Thanksgiving, my Fiance’s cousin asked what he could do about hair loss. I was not exactly stumped, but when people ask questions, you should give them advice based on what you know and not what worked for you. That is very important as what worked for you may not work for others and you always want a returning customer. So I told him tea rinsing would be cool, but then I had an AHA! moment a little while ago. They are Dominican, they live with their mother who is from the country and what do Dominicans drink a lot of? Cafe, or coffee to the non-spanish speaking folks. So I said whenever their mother brews coffee (many times a day) why not brew a second batch (just may not be as strong but will still work), let it cool and apply it to the hair while in the shower nightly or whenever possible. Seems feasible, huh?

Thing about coffee and tea is that most (at least the ones for shedding) contain caffeine and this legalized drug will stop hormone receptors from making hair drop it like its hot and not replace it with a younger fresher version. It also promotes thickness so that if you cannot stop shedding or loss completely, at least your hair will thicken and mask this. Only problem with coffee and some teas (like black tea) is that they will create a protein effect, so you have to be careful. And you should not tea rinse when you do a protein treatment. You’ll start think you are protein sensitive (because thats not a real term, but whatever) and you will hate it. Also, like protein, use gentle teas before you go to hard ones. I started with Oolong, which is very gentle and I will probably move up the food chain and use Jasmin (which I found in my cabinet) or Green Tea to reduce this shedding a bit more. I always use Horsetail. Somehow, though, my hair loves protein, so I think Black tea might just be my best choice. Always follow up with a smoothing or pH balance conditioner after for maybe 30-60 seconds before applying your DC. You’ll thank me later.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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