Before My Journey Versus Today- Part 1


See-Thru hair anyone. The first picture is of me with see-thru hair. Just admit it. It was thin and dead and I truly hated it because it bummed me that I had thin hair. That was me about 2 years ago and barely at APL (had been there for ages). Those were the Dominican Salon Days…

The second picture is of me two months after my hair journey (Jan ’11). My crown had already badly broken and I was hiding it in this bun I was (and still have been) inspired to wear after I saw a girl on the train wearing it (mine looks better though, for real). The reason why mine looked better is because hers was dead and flat even though you could tell she had long hair, while I made mine appear as if I had longer hair than I did. My hair was still APL but it was fuller and thicker because little did I know how valuable protein treatments are. Even my edges were making a come back.

The last picture was taken a week ago (it is in one of my Journey Series photos), 8 weeks post and during this week, I had gotten 2 compliments and 3 comments that my hair is “long” even though I argued that my hair is in a bun and you cannot see it. The way I see it, its in a bun, how would you know what is up there? I dont know. Perhaps it is because I just have a view of where I want my hair to be and until it is there I will just view it as not there. I have no plans for my hair until about June/July, I am in no rush and so until then it is just whatever #kanyeshrugs I guess that is a good approach, no?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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