Before My Hair Journey Versus Today-Part 2

One of my favorite hair pictures. This was during the summer when I attempted to wear my bangs out and wasnt really set on getting rid of them yet, and then would pull them back because they were too in my face.
So before my hair journey, here are some bad things I did:
Wash and DC’ed every 2 weeks
Honestly, didnt start DC-ing until maybe a year before my journey
Blowed out the roots
Never M&S, not even moisturized
Never PSed, always wore my hair out.
Used fine tooth combs (because I swore the wide ones werent good enough)
Used cotton scarves (Ugh)
Combed my hair a few times a day
Sometimes went to hair with my hair wet
Brushed hair roughly
Clarified bi-weekly (dont ask, wasnt my fault, but then it was…)
Before my hair journey here are some good things I did:
Stretched relaxers for 10 weeks (always)
Did attempt to airdry and PS after 8 weeks
Pre-pooed with CD Lisa’s Hair Elixir a year before my journey
Steamed on wash days with my CD Blk Vanilla Condish
Used sulphate free shampoo CD Blk Vanilla Shampoo (still one of my faves)
Clipped my ends every 8-12 weeks (usually before a relaxer)
DC-ed for about 30-60 minutes
After my hair journey:
Still stretch for 10 weeks though my goal now is 11-13 weeks. 10 is ok, but 13 weeks is the perfect 4x a year relaxing regimen. Even with 11, I still would pass 4 a year.
Prepoo, Poo and DC weekly
Clarify every 6 weeks (my hair is dry enough and my products are not really heavy)
Protein when needed, preferably every 6-8 weeks (my staples are pretty protein protective), though Im looking to stick with every 6 weeks again
Steam weekly (being sick offset this a few times)
Dust because I am a neat freak but trims are about every 3 months (if that)
Silk (preferred) and satin scarves
Always use wide tooth combs
Comb 2x a day (finger combing is cool, but I prefer consistant shedding)
Tea rinsing
PS 100% (as of now)
Airdry fully or tension method if too late
M&S 3-4 times a week with Sealing mostly daily
Thats all I can think of. Luckily, for me, thats an improvement. 
One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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