Random Nothing’s About Hair

So, where does my mind begin?

So one of my good friends asked me “Are you comfortable using just one line of DC?” And that really got me to thinking that while I am a PJ, you can be successful if you learn what you do and don’t need. So I need a protein treatment and I like Aphogee 2 minute but I also feel I’d like to use something with ceramides incorporated in that product as well. I currently use biolage hydratherapie cera-repair when I feel like it, but I HATE wheat protein (too much stretch) so I don’t bother half the time. So I got to reading on Redken (which I originally wanted to use as a mid protein step) but after receiving it, I think I just want to try it on its own for now and go from there. It has veggie and soy protein (my hair LOVES veggies) but not wheat 😦 Now the thing is, I love ceramides and I need protein so I really want to like this product. I’ve said it before, salon brands have to live up to their name! I also have Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion which is getting mixed reviews but none completely bad. I will probably save the Mocha Silk for after I relax, but Im too far in to a stretch to bother now. I also have my Kerapro which is seriously a new brand of crack and my usuals avocado and vanilla silk. I don’t really care how I use these products, as long as it follows the balance. Basically depending on my hair needs, I will alternate accordingly. I think I have enough and I am done for now. Phew!!!

Next item up for bid: people keep mentioning that my hair is long. I FaceTime-d my family on Christmas and I turned my head from the Camara and my little sister says “Tasia, your hair is long!”
I said “How do you figure? It’s still in a bun” and she said “Tasia, you have a lot of hair in that bun!” I disregarded it, but then today at work someone made the same comment again, that I have a lot of hair. So when I got home, I asked my fiancé and he said “you have a lot of hair Tasia…” I guess I will face facts that I believe to be fiction. I’m not that selfish, so even though I see progress and I do happy dances, I never feel like I do a great job. But seeing this picture (provided below) I can see what others are talking about. I guess because I see what it looks like out and the setback I am trying to overcome it makes me feel like my hair isn’t good enough, but I’m also very hard on myself.

Headbands are becoming my best friend. I’m almost 9 weeks into my stretch and honestly I am in no rush to relax. I like that. My goal is 13 weeks sometime in 2013-14 but for now 11-13 is good. Meaning 13 is what I’d aim for but 11 is when I can throw the towel in. Ill be relaxing at 11 weeks (from 10) this time. Since I am getting better with stretching and dealing with my texture and breakage, stretching is like a #shrugshoulders kind of thing for me now.

Bought me some hair forks from Etsy. I. Cannot. Wait. I really like them but these are wooden and I can dig it.

My NG is growing. Long. I hope I can retain close to 2 inches by the time I relax. That would be ideal. This no cutting challenge is forcing me to be more religious to M&S. Bought some organix Macadamia oil and I am dying to try it. Tomorrow is another day.

Out of friends I am closest too, 3/5 are natural and of family 2/4 are natural. Interesting. Things are starting to revert.

I’m feeling good about myself, come tell a kid to draw a picture of me!!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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