Journey To The Center Of My Back Volume 5

It’s never to early to be prepared.

These are my newest items on my “I Want, Not Wish, List!” The biggest problem with relaxing is keeping the hair strong and I am quickly learning that my thin ends were greatly attributed to relaxer runoff and lack of protein. Since I’ve been changing this, I have been noticing improvement.

I’ve often pondered since starting a hair journey that when you go to salons, one of the biggest problems is that when they rinse relaxer, your hair actually sits in the runoff. When you have damaged hair to begin with, that doesn’t help. All my years going to the salon and now knowing that these people know… Not much.

But I digress. My goal is to have full MBL hair by next summer. More than likely, IT WILL HAPPEN, but until then preventative measures. So I’ve been using a neutralizing conditioner and I can’t complain because it greatly reduces breakage. I am crushing ORS because I figure if I neutralize, I would like to do it with something nourishing and not as harsh as regular neutralizing shampoos. I will try it, not the biggest fan of ORS (insert sigh here) but its the rave so since I’m not using their relaxer system it doesn’t hurt to try it.

I’m crushing redken because salon brands have to live up to their name. And I like veggie protein. It’s the best, hands down. So I want to try this as a mid relaxer step. However, Senscience is made by Shiseido and while it is tailored for Asian hair, its also made for dry damaged and thick hair. Some of my hair is thick… Ahhh most of it is thick and its dry and all hair is damaged regardless (get over it) so I want to try this because it is supposed to be cuticle repairing. My hair is thick and relaxed, so it should be good. And I like Asian brands. No disrespect, but they put thought into their products. Not to say others don’t, but its not about who your selling it to but what your selling it for. There’s a big difference. I purchased all three, want to use the Senscience as a mid protein step, neutralize with my conditioner and then use the ORS the cleanse/reassure neutralization before proceeding. Always thinking about the future, I need to lay down already.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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