Journey To The Center Of My Back- Volume 2

Once I hit that 6-8 week mark, I have to determine how to keep it moisturized. Winter in NY is harsh and dry so I have to incorporate moisturizers that will not dry out my hair.

Glycerin and water is always my go to, but this time of the year, it will make my NG hard and tangled. Last stretch I avoided this by mixing glycerin and water with some bee mine scalp and hair moisturizer (hated this stuff). This mixture actually worked really well, but if glycerin in one of 3 main ingredients it defeats the purpose. However, I did have the least breakage ever….

Well now I figured if i mix my silk dreams avocado pudding (best thing since sliced bread) with some water. The avocado pudding is great because it moisturizes and softens the hair at the same time. So I figured mixing with some water could make this better. It actually did work…. Until I use my Shea what duex with water in a spray bottle and it was pretty successful if not better.

Now I have my Darcy’s…. Idk, that might be the ultimate go too but ill have to see first. My only problem with spray bottles are the fact that the liquid touches my scalp and I get the itchies. My scalp is that sensitive. But with leaving more texture, there is less breakage. Ill figure it out.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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