Wash Day

I must say, my wash days are really becoming more successful. I just wish I could be more consistent with steaming as I used to be, but its has been hard. I’m going on 8 weeks and because it is hard to wash my hair over the sink without fear of breakage when I comb my hair back, it is just harder to wash over the sink.

Even without steaming, it is still successful. Let me begin:

1. This time I prepooed with HE Long Term Relationship. I really like the LTR just like I loved HIS. Apparently, Hello Hydration is on the same level as Hydraliscious and though I #sidemouth liked it, I wasn’t crazy about it. I love moisture but strength for me is most important. When you have strength you know moisture is there. Anyway, I use the LTR with my hot oil mix (its not all avocado oil, I just reused that container 🙂 ). I fell asleep for 3 hours with this on, 1 hour with a heating cap smh.

2. I washed with my MO Jojoba shampoo. I must admit I don’t feel softness from this poo as I’d like, but I can’t say I hate it. Then I tea rinsed with oolong and horsetail, let it sit for a minute, rinsed, smoothed with my MO Jojoba conditioner. My hair was smooth. It is this step alone that let’s me know if this will be a good wash day. My poo doesn’t leave my hair stiff, the rinse I feel adds strength and is invigorating and the condish adds back what is necessary. I’m satisfied.

3. I deep conditioned with my Silk Dreams VSDMC under my hot cap. I left it on for about an hour. Every week I make the same mistake with this line. I always think in not using enough but I really am. Anyway I love this stuff. I still love the avocado butter better but I think I love the AB better because my products are very strengthening. Hmmm… Interesting.

4. Anyways, while rinsing, I basically wet my hair enough to soften the hair from the DC look, but still left a lot of condish in then added my Roux PC. The reason is because with using the PC, I know its purpose is to close the cuticle, but I also want to make sure it closes it with some of that condish so that it doesn’t all rinse away. I’m just saying.

5. So… I finally got my Darcy Botanicals Lemongrass Transitioning Cream. I love Just Grow Already and she raves about this stuff, so I finally invested in it. Part of my hair is textured/texlaxed due to me not fully relaxing my hair, causing me to be the accidental texlax and I won’t say I hate it. I’m just PATIENTLY waiting for it to grow out. Anyway, the Darcy’s is wonderful on my hair. I really love that its thick but not heavy. Even on my bone straight ends it was good, but I think it is better for textured and texlaxed hair. I also sprayed my Giovanni vitamoist and I must admit this stuff is amazing. While I prefer crece pelo, my strands are much stronger during strand testing (my strands will resist pull) with the vitamoist while my strand stretch then bounce back with the crece pelo.

I rollerset, dusted my ends just a taste and wrapped it for a few before I went out. Later on, when I re wrapped my hair again, it really felt soft. Like that weird fake soft feeling that let’s you know you are doing good. Since adding that Roux, I will say my hair is more tame. I don’t think I have porosity issues because I don’t lose moisture during the week and I don’t have much breakage (actually virtually none) so I figured the cold water was working but I think the problem is that unless a product specifically states its pH balanced, it shouldn’t be assumed. Schooled!!!!

I’m still at BSL and after my next relaxer in January, I will still be BSL, but below the BS and above it (lol, BS). Maybe a little lower but I predict by April, I should be MBL and by July I hope to be full MBL because I will probably cut if I feel I need a fuller look. My goal is to be full MBL by July and full WL by next December. Wish me luck.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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