Journey To The Center of My Back Vol. 3

I don’t even remember when I first started using coconut oil. It’s been a while, even before my hair journey. I use it for my prepoo and I’m telling you, my hair doesn’t break and its much stronger.

I know the purpose of coconut oil for hair, because it can fully penetrate the strand, is that it allows the hair to hold on to protein. More protein, more likely the hair can hold on to moisture. I also use protein less since being more religious to coconut oil. When I only prepooed with conditioner, my hair could stand hard protein easy every 4 weeks, but after going back to coconut oil, it went from every 6 weeks (and it was still too strong) to just using light protein when needed. By light protein, I mean I use aphogee when needed and usually before a relaxer mostly. During my 10-12 week stretch, I just use products with a good amount of protein, but reconstructors and conditioners are not created equally, but I digress.

Here’s the deal, even when water hits hair, protein will still be lost. In case you also didn’t know, protein is water soluble when it wants to be (often) because duh, hair love water. Just like your skin. Oils can’t prevent that attraction, but can help with keeping lost (like dryness, breakage, cracking) from happening.

If you haven’t used it give it a try. It’s best (to me) before shampoo. I also have better sheen and moisture retention when using it.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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